Xactware’s Xperience it! Campaign

Xactware’s Careers page is showcasing a new campaign called Xperience it! that features Xactware employees talking about their avocations, our company’s culture, and the work they do at Xactware. We’ve posted two video stories so far and plan to add more over the next several months.

Both of our currently featured employees moved here from out of state, and both mentioned the many outdoor recreational opportunities here as huge side benefits for their careers at Xactware.

I heartily agree. It’s been a very busy summer, and I haven’t had as much time to get outdoors as I would like, but it’s easy here, even if you only have a moment. Above is a photo of me doing some catch-and-release fly fishing on the Provo River, a blue-ribbon fishery that is just minutes away from our office.

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