Xactware Resources Overview

Case Studies

View the latest Xactware case studies to learn how industry-leading companies are using our products and services to save time, increase accuracy, and improve customer satisfaction.

Image Request

Request Xactware brand or product logos to place on your website or other business needs.

Online Sketch Gallery

Create unique Sketch templates and then share these templates from an online gallery. Enjoy sharing, searching, and finding simple or complex templates. Discover a template similar to the job you are working on and then download and import an editable template directly into Xactimate.

Pricing Data Services

Xactware's Property Reports offer a comprehensive overview of major trends in pricing and claims throughout the year. It's also an excellent reference for any professional working in the property insurance industry.


Download various Xactware wallpaper images to your desktop.

Xactware ID

Your Xactware ID is your user name and access to Xactware products and services: Log in to Xactware applications, access the Xactimate cloud, purchase items from the Xactware.com Store, access the eService Centre and Online training Center, and more.