Xactimate platform comparison

The comparison table below outlines some of the key features that distinguish Xactimate's three platforms.desktoponlinemobile
3D Sketch
Use the 3D View tool to see a three-dimensional view of the structure in the Sketch workspace.
The 3D Sketch view allows you to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, changes colors and textures to match materials, and much more. The 3D view is very useful for showing customers how changes will look on the finished structure.
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Attach Photos
Xactimate mobile allows users to take photos with their device’s camera, and to manage, label and attach those photos to estimates.
As an estimate is transferred to Xactware’s Cloud and then opened using other platforms of Xactimate, the photos are transferred as well as a permanent part of the estimate record.
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Automatic Updates
Cloud computing using the Xactware Cloud means always using the latest version of Xactimate without installation hassles.
Xactimate’s online and mobile platforms are automatically updated for all users when any improvements are made in the software. Cloud-based software eliminates the need to install Xactimate on a number of computers.
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Never lose the work you’ve done on an estimate because of a computer failure.
You can use the autosave feature to back up your data as often as you like.
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Chat Support 24/7
Free chat support is available every day of the year (except Christmas and New Year's Day).
Access to Xactware's eService Center is included with each Xactimate subscription. This includes Xactware's popular chat support feature that allows users to chat with a support representative any time of the day or night.
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Cloud Syncing via the Xactware Cloud
Xactimate users can access claims data from the Xactware Cloud for use on all of Xactimate’s platforms.  
Xactimate’s online and mobile platforms have been fully integrated to allow data to be transferred seamlessly back and forth. This gives the user the ability to capture essential estimating onsite using Xactimate mobile, and then complete complex estimating with Xactimate online or desktop. Xactimate desktop syncs with the cloud when online.
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Maps and Graphs
Available in Xactimate mobile, view graphs and maps of the property location.
The graphs display the total number of estimates by status and the average days elapsed to complete the estimate steps. The map displays an aerial view of the estimate’s location. Push pins indicate the status of the estimate.
Data Transfer 
Data can be sent or received via XactAnalysis or from a local or network drive.
With the data transfer feature, you can transfer projects, macros, price lists, templates, contacts and other information between Xactware users.
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Deck Estimating 
Detailed deck calculations in seconds using Sketch.
Even decks with multiple levels and stairs can easily be estimated in Sketch. The Sketch deck tool will calculate everything from footings, posts, beams, and joists, to the deck planking, railing, and stairs. You can quickly customize the deck using the deck Properties.
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Estimate Reports 
Xactimate offers a huge array of estimate reports.
Xactimate estimate reports are highly flexible and adaptable. You have a wide range of options for what you include or don't include in each report. Reports range from worksheets to highly detailed estimates that drilldown to show time-and-material components. You can also choose reports that show depreciation, reports that separate by coverages, reports for internal use, and much more.
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Express Profile
An Xactware profile designed specifically for desk adjusters who handle small losses by phone.
With the Express profile, adjusters can quickly create estimates based on information provided by policyholders over the phone. Express helps adjusters ask the right questions and collect the necessary information to build a detailed estimate.
Fence Estimating
Even complex fences can be quickly drawn and detailed in Sketch.
Estimators can quickly draw a fence and then choose its properties. It takes only seconds to sketch the fence and enter its type and height. Xactimate does the rest of the calculations for you. You can choose to replace the entire fence, just a portion of the fence, just the panels and not the posts, and much more.
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Flooring Tool for Carpeting and Sheet Goods
The flooring tool allows estimators to accurately calculate the carpet or sheet goods (such as vinyl flooring) needed for a room or group of rooms.
The flooring tool automatically analyzes a room or group of rooms for the most efficient installation of carpeting and sheet goods. Estimators can fine-tune the calculation by changing the roll direction. The flooring tool helps estimators exactly match actual job-site waste by basing calculations on the width of the roll installed using the most efficient roll direction that, when possible, also avoids seams in areas with the heaviest traffic.
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Graphical Estimation
Visually estimate by clicking the areas of the floor plan where you want to place items.
Graphical estimation let's you estimate quickly, intuitively, and visually using the floor plan. For example, you place flooring by clicking the floor where it will be placed. You estimate a light fixture by clicking where it will be installed and the plan symbol for a light fixture appears on the plan. You can estimate cabinets by placing them along the kitchen walls, estimate shingles by clicking on the roof or slopes where they will be replaced, estimate windows and doors by adding their symbols to the plan, and much more.
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Help System
Program instruction can be obtained by searching the Help System.
The instructions include step-by-step directions on performing a particular task within the application.
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Inspection Wizard
This feature will check for possible problems in an estimate.
If inconsistencies are found, the user will be notified and encouraged to correct the issue.
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Use macros, saved lists of line items that can be retrieved and added to a room with only a few keystrokes, to speed up the estimating process.
Macros can save you time and money by letting the computer work for you instead of typing and clicking the same things over and over again.
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Mapping Feature
Xactimate mobile lets you use your smart phone or tablet’s GPS unit and mapping app to locate assignments.
This allows you to travel in the most efficient manner to the various assignment sites.
Effectively estimate with minimum charges using the Xactimate Labour Minimums.
Correctly applying minimum charges is a critical part of accurate repair estimation. Xactware’s published building cost research includes labour minimum charges based on market research with local and regional tradespersons, contractors, and service providers. Xactimate can automatically apply minimum charges as you estimate. You can view the labour minimums in your estimate and make changes when needed. For example, you may choose to turn a minimum charge off or you could modify a minimum charge to meet the specific requirements of your company or the job being estimated.
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Multi-Language Capability (English/Spanish/French/Dutch/German)
Xactimate users can estimate and print reports in their choice of English, Spanish, French, Dutch, or German.
Xactimate desktop and online users can switch among languages which allows users to estimate in one language and print reports in the customer's preferred language. Xactimate mobile users install a separate app for each language.
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Setup Xactimate to estimate the way you want.
Preferences allow you to modify you Xactimate experience to suit the way you estimate. You can set Preferences for everything from the way your reports look, to price list defaults, the Sketch window, how flooring is calculated, if line items should include demo prices when applicable, and defaults that can be set by region for how decks, fences, stairs, roofs, walls, floors, and more are calculated.
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Price List Components
Each price list item has the labour, material, and plant components that make up the unit cost.
When estimating with an Xactimate regional price list you can drilldown to see the components of each unit costs. That includes the amount of labour needed, the materials, and any plant costs. For example, the unit cost for 12.5 mm plasterboard by the square meter includes materials components for plasterboard, metal angle bead, dry lining joint filler and cement, screws, and tape. Material components include typical waste when applicable. The labour component for plasterboard includes the productivity, the hourly wage, and labour burden. Tax based on each region is also included when applicable.
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Price List Cost Management
Xactimate allows you to track cost changes as they occur in your estimates.
Companies often want to know what is happening to their prices over time. As estimators compile estimates, they often take into account new prices from suppliers and make changes to the line items in their estimates. Xactimate allows users to compare estimate prices with an original “checkpoint” price list. Reports can quickly show the costs that were changed and how. This allows companies to quickly respond to market conditions and, sometimes, to catch and correct errors.
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Price List Information
Each Xactware price list includes detailed information about the price list item.
Each Xactware price list item contains detailed information so estimators can quickly determine if the cost is a fit for the on-site work they are estimating. As applicable, price list information includes a photo or illustration of the work described; what the item includes; what it doesn't include; quality information; references; assembly information; detail about waste; tax detail; and pricing information that includes the hourly wage rate; productivity including information about time spent on breaks, setup and cleaning; a breakdown of labour overhead and labour burden; materials down to the component level (screws, glue, boards, and so forth including waste); and much more. This detailed information allows estimators to quickly see how items fit into their estimates and to easily make needed adjustments.
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Price List Labour Rates
Each Xactware price list includes labour rates for all specialists involved in restoration and repair work.
Xactware price lists provide a complete breakdown of all the costs associated with labourers involved in insurance restoration and repair. Labour costs include labour burden (taxes and benefits) and labour overhead (vehicle expenses, office expenses, communications costs, and so on). This level of detail allows estimators to quickly see the costs included in a local price list and make adjustments as needed to match their individual situation.
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Price List Line Item Activities
When it applies, the unit costs in Xactware price lists includes several possible “activities” including installation, tear-out, or detaching and resetting an item.
Xactware’s price list line items make it possible to estimate a range of costs based on the needed activity. For example, if you need to remove and replace a light fixture, there is an activity that allows you to estimate both. If you just need the cost to install a light fixture, there is an activity for that too. There is an activity to estimate to remove the light fixture and throw it away. And if you just want a cost to detach the light fixture while plaster repair and painting are being done, and then reset it later, there’s a cost for that as well. Xactware price lists also contain prices to clean items, paint items, extract water from items, and so on, when applicable.
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Price List Productivity or Yield
Xactware’s price lists come with the productivity or yield of the worker for each unit cost.
Each unit cost in an Xactware’s price list that requires labour includes how long it takes the labourer to do the work. This is called the productivity or yield. For example, if a plasterboard installer is installing plasterboard, how many square meters can he or she install in an hour? Xactware answers the question with research that measures all the tasks the labourer must do to determine the average yield. Estimators who determine the job they are estimating requires more or less work than the typical yield, can easily adjust the labour yield to meet their needs.
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A profile is a unique configuration of Xactimate designed to fit the needs and standards of a specific company.
Some examples of profiles include the Express profile that is used by desk adjusters to settle claims by phone and the popular Contractor profile that is used by many contractors and service providers. Independent adjuster and other professionals will sometimes be asked to work in the profiles of the companies they work with. Profiles are a good example of how Xactimate (and other Xactware products) adapt to meet the needs of the companies who use the product, rather than asking companies to adapt to the software. Xactimate users can seamlessly switch among the profiles they have installed with their Xactimate system.
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Project Merge
Merge multiple projects into a single project with this feature.
This feature has many uses but is especially popular with large-loss estimators on a tight time schedule who assign different parts of the loss to different estimators, then merge the estimates together later.
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Product Support
Xactware's eService Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).  Our highly skilled support team offer support services to provide tips, advice and general system support for all of our customers.
In addition, The Answer Centre contains more than 1,700 support documents, many of which include multimedia instruction. Our detailed library of support documents serve to provide ongoing and continual support to our valued customers.
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Properties for Construction Assemblies
Quickly estimate complex construction assemblies such as floor systems, roof systems, electrical, plumbing, decks, fences, and much more by using Xactimate properties.
The Sketch feature makes it fast and easy to draw the structure; Properties makes it lightning fast to estimate assemblies in the structure. For example, if you sketch a dormer, you can click a Properties icon to estimate the dormer. Xactimate does all the work for you and automatically enters all the needed items into your estimate. You can easily modify the items included by changing the properties. Many assemblies that used to take hours to estimate can now be estimated in minutes or even seconds with Properties.
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Reference Search
Illustrations that give you the ability to easily search for items and add them to the estimate.
Find the item you need on the illustration and click on it to see a list of options. Reference search illustrations are available for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, roofs, exteriors, and much more.
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Reprice an Estimate
Xactimate allows you to quickly and easily reprice estimates based on price list updates or new cost research.
As you are completing an estimate, you may update prices in a price list based on new information or you may receive a new price list publication. Xactimate allows you to quickly and easily reprice an estimate based on the latest information. This is especially helpful during a catastrophe when prices sometimes change rapidly.
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Sketch gives you the ability to create graphic representations of a property and use those representations to estimate repair costs.
In Sketch, you can place and dimension doors and windows. Sketch variables help you improve your accuracy while reducing the need for manual calculations. New Sketch features include new variables for Roof, Rooms, and Levels. Sketch features also include: Slide-Out Sketch Controls, and Sketch wizards (for fencing, arced walls, curved staircases, plumbing, insulation, and decks). The Sketch level properties editor also has been updated with a more intuitive layout that also allows users to change the order of levels using drag and drop.
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Summary Estimating
Estimate multiple rooms or areas at the same time. You select all the rooms and enter the estimate item once.
Xactimate gives you many ways to estimate that fit your style of estimating as well as the types of losses you are estimating. Many estimators estimate room by room. With this style you create a room and enter all the line items associated with it. You then go to the next room and do the same. When the scopes in the rooms are similar, Xactimate gives you a range of ways to copy and automatically recalculate the scope in the new room. As the number of rooms with a similar scope grows in your estimate, Summary estimating can be invaluable. With Summary estimating you select all the rooms where you want an item to go and enter it once. The quantities for all the selected rooms automatically calculate and you are always free to edit room by room. So for example, if you want to place wallboard in 500 rooms in a hotel estimate, you select the 500 rooms and enter wallboard once. Summary estimating is not just for large jobs. Many estimators use it to estimate by trade, by phase, or as the method of choice for estimates of all sizes.
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Tablet PCs
Xactware was the first company in the insurance industry to develop property estimation software for the Tablet PC.
Since then, this technology platform has been used by Xactware’s customers to settle many property losses. Tablet computers that meet the system requirements should operate on the desktop and online platforms of Xactimate. 
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Templates give you the option to make a copy of any sketch drawing and then reuse that in other estimates.
Templates let you enter a sketched component of a structure onto a floor plan complete with the commonly used items. Not only are these features completely customisable, but they can help drastically reduce the amount of time that you spend estimating.
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Time-and-Material Estimating
Xactimate users can estimate using time and materials with this feature that allows you to quickly access item labour, material, and plant components and create an estimate using a tabbed-style interface.
This feature also lets you input data daily by labour, material, plant, vendor, and additional expenses. Plus, you can customise each entry with unique and repeatable data such as franchise number or employee name. 
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Track Line Item Changes
When a line item is added or modified, Xactimate stores the name of the estimator who made the change.
This feature allows Xactimate users to see the last person to change an item. This is especially helpful when collaborating on larger losses, when losses are reinspected, and when working on catastrophe losses where multiple estimators may work on the same file.
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Xactware ID
Use one global ID for Xactimate desktop, online, and mobile platforms.
The single global ID eliminates the need to manage multiple User IDs in order to access Xactware products including all Xactimate platforms, XactContents, and more. If you don't have an Xactware ID, you can get one today at Xactware.com/XID.
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