A Better Solution for all Partners in Building Estimation and Repair

A violent thunderstorm knocks a tree onto a semi-detached dwelling and residents are increasingly nervous about predictions of more thunderstorms. Time is crucial, but multiple partners including the insurance company, third-party assessors, builder, owners, and residents need to work together on the best approach: Replace the roof with new materials? Use older, more congruent but costlier materials? Patch the hole instead of replacing the whole wall?

Perhaps the most important tool in achieving a timely, mutually beneficial, and accurate solution is Xactware's powerful estimating tool, Xactimate.

With Xactimate, you can follow four basic steps to estimate a claim:

  1. Gather loss information and record it
  2. Create a diagram of the damaged structure using Xactware's patented Sketch software
  3. Use the diagram to select portions of the structure that need to be repaired or replaced
  4. Verify the accuracy of the estimate

Xactimate calculates the cost of materials needed and labour required, and then offers a wide variety of reports and other claims information. And there's more. Xactware offers a complete software solution with unparalleled capabilities at all workflow levels from insurers to homeowners allowing them to assess, assign, and monitor claims in a more cost- and time-effective manner.

Multiple Platforms Means More Flexibility

Xactimate's multiple platforms and secure cloud offers unprecedented flexibility for the property repair estimation industry.

From settling small claims over the phone to complex large losses, Xactimate has the specialised tools needed to estimate more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

Small losses can be estimated over the phone using step-by-step tools that help even novice estimators quickly gather information and create an estimate. More complicated claims can be completed using several platforms. An assessor can open a claim using a computer with the Xactimate program installed, thanks to the Xactware Cloud access the same file when onsite using an app installed on an Apple of Android device, then continue estimating at home on a computer with a supported browser and Internet access.

Why Xactimate?

  • Save Time
    Save time and money

    Utilising Xactware's patented Sketch technology and innovative pricing solution, you can diagram a structure, determine replacement costs and write a claim estimate.

  • Workflow
    Take control of your workflow

    Xactimate is part of a total software solution that lets you take control of a claim right from the start - and lets you do it your way. Xactimate is about more than merely reaching a cash settlement. It helps you manage your business more effectively.

  • Multiple platforms
    Enjoy the convenience of multiple platforms

    You can use Xactimate anytime, anywhere - with a desktop installation, an online platform, or with an app on an Apple or Android device.

  • Give customers
    Give your customers what they want

    A rapid and fair claims resolution is the key to a satisfied consumer. Resolve simple claims over the telephone or settle more complicated claims at the site.

  • Secure data
    Secure data storage you can rely on

    Xactware is a pioneer in cloud-based data storage, successfully operating a secure electronic extranet for almost 20 years - long before anyone heard of the "cloud." Rest easy knowing your company's sensitive online data is safe.

Tighter control of claim cost, better customer service, and greater transparency

Outsource Services Group, a broad-based managed service provider for the insurance industry in Ireland, uses Xactimate to improve control of claim costs, reduce file lifecycles, and enhance the customer experience.

OSG chose Xactimate after examining the needs of its clients and identifying several key areas the company wanted to improve, including tighter control of claim cost, better customer service, and greater transparency. Company executives say that Xactimate provides the best platform to deliver on those objectives.