The power of Xactware ID

The Xactware ID is the secret behind many of the powerful features in the new multi-platform version of Xactimate.

Accessing your estimates via the Xactware Cloud

Your Xactware ID is the secret behind accessing your estimates, no matter what platform you use. For example, you can start an estimate in your office on your desktop, add some more detail at the loss site from your mobile device, and finish it at home online from your personal computer. When you login using your Xactware ID, Xactimate gives you access to all your estimates in the cloud.

Cloud storage also means security and peace of mind. In the event a device is lost, stolen, or damaged, your estimates are safe in the Xactware Cloud.

Single sign-on and much more

You can use the same Xactware ID to login to multiple Xactware programs and services including:

  • Xactimate
  • XactContents
  • Online Training Centre

Other Xactware programs will be joining Xactware ID soon which means you will be able to use a single sign-on for all Xactware products.

Get your Xactware ID today

Getting an Xactware ID is fast and easy and only takes a few minutes. You can get your Xactware ID anytime—even before your upgrade to the latest versions of Xactware products. You can get your Xactware ID 24/7/365 at Xactware.com/XID.