Xactware Coronavirus Support

COVID-19 is unsettling. But if we’ve observed anything in the last few weeks, it's been the resilience and innovation of the property restoration industry. As long as this crisis persists, Xactware will support our customers with the burdens they currently face.

New item added for hazardous works

To support the increased demand for hazardous clean-up and remediation, our pricing research team has added a PC sum item for additional PPE requirements that may be incurred. As long as COVID-19 effects businesses and insured, Xactware pricing data team will be consistently monitoring any impact.

  • Your assistance in reporting pricing fluctuations in your area is a vital component to this research. Consider providing pricing feedback today.

Connect with insureds remotely

As the coronavirus crisis escalates, reducing unnecessary exposure becomes more important. ClaimXperience allows restoration professionals to deliver top-notch service by connecting with policyholders using video, photo sharing, and a collaboration portal. 

Contact us to learn more and get started. 

Accessible training

COVID-19 has forced many of us indoors and online (including our expert trainers). Contact us to arrange virtual training or explore our case studies.

Direct access to Xactware support

Throughout this crisis, we’ll be putting a special emphasis on connection and support.

  • Our eService Centre is accessible 24 hours a day with more than 17,000 supporting documents, videos, and product tips. Access the eService Centre.
  • Our live chat support will be providing real-time support 24 hours a day throughout the coronavirus event. Live chat is available on both desktop computers and mobile devices. You can access live chat support through the eService Centre.
  • You can reach Xactware phone support during business hours Monday through Friday on 020 7680 4970.

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