New federal rules on carpet affect Xactimate users

 — January 7, 2000 — 

Effective January 1, 2000, carpet is to be sold at retail by the square foot instead of by the square yard. This ruling by the Office of Weights and Measures of the U.S. Department of Commerce is contained in the NIST Handbook 130 (Uniform Laws and Regulations) and can be viewed at here.

Although this regulation is specific to carpet, industry sources report that vinyl floor covering will also convert to square feet. Xactware is converting both vinyl and carpet items in its 2000 price lists starting January 15, 2000.

How does this change affect Xactimate?

There are two main program elements that will be affected.

First, carpet and vinyl flooring items in Xactimate's price lists have used square yards (SY) as the default unit of measure and the SY variable (square yards of floor space) as the default in the Calculation field. Both of these need to be converted to square feet. SF will now be the unit of measure and F (square feet of floor space) will be the default calculation variable. Effective January 15, 2000, all new Xactimate price lists will contain these changes for carpet and vinyl flooring items. The changes involved include the way Xactimate calculates productivity, yield and related items. You can't just edit an existing price list to make square feet the default. The only way to switch to the new standard is to download the new price list.

Second, the Xactimate's Waste Xpert (Windows versions only), which calculates waste for both carpet and vinyl flooring, currently calculates in square yards. It needs to be updated to also calculate in square feet.

A special SmartUpdate has been created to update your Waste Xpert to calculate in square feet. This SmartUpdate is available via XactNet.com and our Web site.

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