Xactware Launches New Multimedia Website-iSkills.com

 — March 20, 2002 — 

Xactware's multimedia-centered subsidiary, iSkills, announces the launch of their new interactive website, iSkills.com. This exciting website introduces a powerful new multimedia approach to training customers and employees to do anything-paint a room, install a faucet, or how to safely use a new product.

iSkills produces what it calls customized Learning Objects-mini-multimedia instructional lessons, projects and calculators-for all types of companies and organizations, from manufacturers to online businesses. These interactive Learning Objects are designed to effectively educate their targeted audience through high impact instruction that includes audio and animation.

"Learning Objects provide an easy means for organizations to convey important information and instructions to their customers or employees, says Matt Weir, iSkills general manager. "This, in turn, eliminates the need for printed documentation that rarely gets read or is difficult to understand."

Companies are quickly catching on to the exciting possibilities Learning Objects offer, including:

  • Adding cutting-edge instructional content on corporate websites
  • Placing installation instructions on mini-CDs instead of printing them
  • Emailing instructions or troubleshooting solutions to customers
  • Highly targeted links for product purchasing and promotions

Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, Learning Objects provide highly effective communications that enhance a companies product or service. "For example, Learning Objects add value to a manufacturer's products by providing the end-user with useful information that is easily understood," adds Weir.

iSkills creates Learning Objects using Macromedia (Flash) technology and a combination of highly skilled artists, designers, programmers, videographers, editors and writers. They also customize each object to match a company's corporate image, allowing a company to maintain their unique look. Examples of customization include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Customized loading and closing animations
  • Animated logos, product advertisements, and promotion links
  • Product links for online purchasing or to learn more
  • Custom interfaces that match a specific design

Take a moment to view a sample Learning Object today! Visit www.iSkills.com and click on the Library button at the bottom of the page.

About iSkills

iSkills, a subsidiary of Xactware, Inc., is a creative blend of artists, designers, programmers, videographers, editors, and writers who create instructional stories that can be used on almost any platform. Instructional stories that will help you tell more, teach more, and sell more.