Xactimate® 24 Release Includes Implementation of 974 Customer Suggestions

 — December 21, 2005 — 

Perhaps you have had a suggestion to improve a product or service but hesitated to send it because you didn't feel anyone was listening? We think you will find it refreshing to see how we take care of customer feedback and make sure your voice is heard throughout our products and services.

Starting in 2003, we took our customer feedback program to the next level by implementing "We're Listening" links throughout our family of websites. We also put processes in place to make sure every feedback item gets in the hands of those who can do something about it. To date, we have received thousands of compliments, questions, and suggestions for each of our products and services. Based on your feedback, we have done our best to improve and implement as many of these suggestions as possible.

As an example, since the release of Xactimate 24, we have implemented an impressive 974 of the total customer suggestions received. Not only is this an impressive amount of implemented suggestions but also it shows the diligence we have made to gather, submit, and respond to your needs. That's right, whenever possible, we have actually responded to the customer letting them know their suggestion was not only listened to but also implemented.

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and better serve you - the part of our jobs we love the most. So, the next time you think about submitting feedback, don't hesitate because someone is here, not only waiting to listen to you but also doing whatever they can to implement your suggestion.

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About Xactware Inc.

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