November 2009 Price List Update Now Available

 — November 2, 2009 — 

The November 2009 price list updates for more than 460 regions in the United States and Canada are now available for download.

A summary of the price changes reported in this update are as follows (National average changes, which have been reported since the October 2009 price list publication):

  U.S. Canada
Basket of Goods Labor and Material 0.03% 0.02%
Billable Labor Rates -0.07% -0.11%
Basket of goods material only -0.04% -0.01%
25 yr Shingle Labor and Material -0.59% 0.05%
25 yr Shingle Material Only -0.23% 0.00%
½” Drywall Installed Ready for Paint 0.66% 1.46%

Pricing research for the November 2009 publication remains relatively constant overall. It reveals slight increases for the basket of goods labor and material report with the basket of goods material report showing a slight decrease. On average, billable labor rates showed marginal decreases in the U.S. and Canada. Twenty-five-year shingle prices showed a slight decrease in the U.S. and a slight increase in Canada. Drywall pricing showed an increase. Many different specific items in various markets remain relatively level or show decreases as the construction industry continues to struggle in many markets.

It is important to remember Xactware's published pricing information is based on recently completed surveys and estimate transactions.

Local market conditions
Xactware makes every effort to ensure pricing information contained in this update represents market costs at the time of publication. Since actual market prices can vary and may change rapidly, and since many factors can affect the cost of a project (including-but not limited to-labor, equipment, and material costs as well as the rates and application of sales tax), we strongly recommend customers monitor their local market for any such changes and adjust their estimate pricing as deemed appropriate.

Pricing feedback
Please report any price changes to Xactware as soon as possible. We will then adjust any information that can be independently verified for inclusion in future price list publications. Pricing feedback can be submitted from Xactimate, and online at https://www.xactanalysis.com/. You can also send emails directly to Xactware's Pricing Team at pricing@xactware.com.

Gasoline prices
Since the October 2009 publication, gasoline prices have increased 8.91 percent in the U.S. and 6.95 percent in Canada. Because gasoline prices can change rapidly, Xactware recommends users monitor their local costs to determine whether repair/construction costs have been affected.

For further details, see the U.S. Department of Energy website at:

Comparative prices (National averages) for the last month are as follows:

  USA   *Canada
  Sep 28 Oct 26   Sep 29 Oct 27
Gasoline National Average $2.425 $2.641   $0.949 $1.015

* Canada prices are per liter

Naming convention for this update
Beginning in January 2009, price lists are published monthly and the date indicator used in all price lists will represent the month and year (e.g. _OCT09, or _NOV09).

Customers can view specific changes to the price lists by logging on to the eService Center. XactAnalysis customers can see specific changes by viewing the Price List Changes report in the Industry Trend Reports section. This same report can be found in the Featured Highlights section of the eService Center.

Downloading a price list in Xactimate
You must be a registered XactNet user to access price lists this way:

  • Click Services in the menu bar of the Control Center tab. Select Request Price List from XactNet, and then click Xactware Price List.
  • From the Request Price List window, enter the country, state/province, and city for the price list you would like to download. If you would like to receive the ZIP/Postal code table that goes with the requested price list, then check this box as well.
  • After making your selections, click the Download Now button.
  • A window will appear advising you the price lists have been downloaded and are now available for use in Xactimate. Click OK.