Western National Insurance Group Chooses 360Value

Web-based reconstruction-cost estimator improves policyholder collaboration

 — March 16, 2010 — 

Western National Insurance Group has licensed 360Value® to estimate replacement costs for residential properties. Developed by Xactware, a subsidiary of ISO, 360Value is a web-based solution that provides replacement-cost estimates for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties.

360Value provides Western National’s agents with many time-saving features, including ISO PushPin, which prefills property-specific data into 360Value upon entry of a residential address. Western National is also taking advantage of 360Value Collaboration, an online feature that brings property owners directly into the replacement-cost estimation process.

360Value Collaboration gives Western National and its agents the ability to let property owners review, confirm, and, if necessary, edit data used to estimate replacement costs. These features can help produce more reliable replacement-cost estimates and raise customer satisfaction because many property owners appreciate the opportunity to participate in the valuation process.

“360Value helps us continue our tradition of building lasting relationships with our policyholders,” said Cindy Doble, vice president, Personal Lines Underwriting & Marketing at Western National. “By involving our policyholders in the process, 360Value Collaboration lets our agents immediately address any feedback or concerns policyholders may have about their property-specific information. This helps our policyholders get the most reliable replacement-cost estimate possible.”

Western National is also exploring a renewal process for future introduction. This process would identify and capture policyholders’ home improvements, such as renovations and additions, and recalculate estimates based on new information.

“Property owners can be an invaluable source for detailed property information,” said Scott Amussen, assistant vice president at Xactware, who is responsible for 360Value. “360Value Collaboration’s unique web-based platform makes it possible for insurers to work with policyholders to gather critical information with minimal effort and cost.”

About Western National Insurance Group

Western National Insurance Group, headquartered in Edina, Minn., is a super-regional property-and-casualty insurance group writing over $245 million in Direct Premium in 10 states. The group consists of four companies (Western National Mutual Insurance Company, Western National Assurance Company, Pioneer Specialty Insurance Company, and Titan Property & Casualty Insurance Company) serving personal and commercial customers in Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin, as well as commercial customers in Illinois, Iowa, and North Dakota. All of the group’s products are sold exclusively through professional independent agents. For more information, visit www.wnins.com.

About Xactware

Xactware Solutions, Inc. (Xactware) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisk Analytics specializing in the property insurance, remodeling, and restoration industries. Xactware’s technology tools include software estimating programs for PCs and tablet PCs, as well as powerful online systems for replacement-cost calculations, estimate tracking, and data trending in real time.

For more information about Xactware’s products and services, contact Xactware at 1-800-424-9228 or online. For more information about 360Value, visit www.360-value.com.