Xactware Becomes Founding Member of New IBHS Research Center

New facility will advance understanding of building material and construction techniques

 — December 2, 2010 — 

Xactware is among the founders of the Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS) new state-of-the-art, multi-peril Research Center. IBHS Building

Located in Richburg, S.C., this advanced research and training facility features a 21,000-square-foot test chamber where IBHS researchers can simulate extreme weather conditions — such as hurricanes, hailstorms, and wildfires — to test various residential and commercial construction materials and building techniques. These tests help researchers identify, evaluate, and promote disaster-resistant construction practices and building materials. Xactware will support the center as a founder, along with Xactware’s parent company, Verisk Analytics, a leading source of information about risk.

IBHS President and CEO Julie Rochman recently announced the opening of new center and said that the research center’s work will do much to improve construction standards and reduce the extent of insurance losses brought on by natural disasters.

Rochman is scheduled to discuss the IBHS Research Center and its value to the property insurance industry as a keynote speaker at Xactware User Conference 2011 on February 18, 2011.


IBHS is funded entirely by the insurance industry and is focused on reducing the social and economic effects of natural disasters and other property losses through researching and advocating improved construction, maintenance, and preparation practices. Xactware is the leading provider of claims estimation and claims management solutions to professionals in the property insurance industry.

The IBHS Research Center can recreate various weather conditions by using 105 enormous fans to generate winds up to 140 mph. The laboratory’s 750,000-gallon water tank and a system of 200 nozzles can produce up to 8 inches of rain per hour. During the research center’s grand opening, IBHS conducted full-scale wind tests on two Midwest U.S.–style two-story houses — one built to IBHS fortified standards and the other built to conventional standards — to showcase the test chamber’s capabilities. The fortified home withstood the wind force, while the other was blown off its foundation.

“I had the opportunity to tour the research center earlier this year, and I was impressed with the important impact this new center can have on building techniques,” said Xactware President and CEO Jim Loveland. “The research will help set new standards for the property industry.”

Visit www.disastersafety.org to learn more about the IBHS Research Center. For more information on Xactware, visit www.xactware.com.

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