New Aerial Sketch Makes Drawing Roof Plans Faster and Easier

Aerial Sketch can identify and trace roof features automatically

 — February 16, 2012 — 

The latest release of Xactware’s Aerial Sketch roof-dimensioning product uses high-resolution aerial images for a selected address to detect and automatically trace the slopes of a roof. Estimators can complete the roof plan by simply clicking roof intersections so Aerial Sketch can add ridges and valleys.

Estimators use Aerial Sketch to download aerial images, trace roof features, and create fully dimensioned roof plans that can be used to estimate repair costs. The new version of Aerial Sketch, available with the latest release of Xactimate®, uses Xactware-developed technology to identify and trace roof perimeters, ridges, and valleys instantly. This can help estimators draw complete roof systems and start estimating in a matter of minutes.

“Measuring and sketching roofs has traditionally been time-consuming and often hazardous,” said Jeffrey C. Taylor, Xactware’s assistant vice president of Xactimate. “With high-resolution aerial images and the most recent version of Aerial Sketch, much of that process can be completed automatically without ever climbing a ladder.”

Xactware designed the new version of Aerial Sketch to take advantage of high-resolution photos that aerial image providers recently made available. With a combination of Aerial Sketch technology and high-resolution photos, estimators can often sketch an entire roof plan with a few mouse clicks.

“The latest Aerial Sketch technology is a major step forward,” said Taylor. “Now it takes just a few moments to complete even complex roof plans from the safety of an office chair.”

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