Xactware Captures Aerial Imagery of Moore, Okla., Before and After EF-5 Tornado

 — May 24, 2013 — 

Xactware collected property data that included ultra-high-resolution aerial imagery of Moore, Okla., prior to the May 20 tornado and is now capturing post-storm imagery and building data that provide an unprecedented level of detail about damaged and destroyed structures.

Xactware’s Property InSight aerial imagery provides a view of structures both before and after the tornado struck Moore. The pre-storm data was captured at the end of 2012 when Xactware documented the Oklahoma City area for Xactware’s Property InSight nationwide library of ultra-high-resolution images and data.

“The aerial images we’re seeing in Moore from both before and after the storm offer professionals a unique and detailed way to immediately determine dimensions and clearly see exterior and roof features as they were before the storm—gutters, ridges, chimneys—and even individual shingles,” said Jeffrey C. Taylor, Xactware’s vice president of Property InSight. “Xactware’s aerial images aren’t just highly detailed photos, they are strictly calibrated to allow our team to collect actual dimensions and data about structures that ultimately help insurance carriers get their policyholders back on their feet as soon as possible.”

Earlier this year, Xactware captured data of St. Louis before and after tornadoes swept through the area. The prestorm and poststorm images give a useful comparison of structures affected by the tornadoes.

“Xactware images and data packages give professionals the opportunity to start estimating rebuilding costs even before civic authorities allow them in neighborhoods to assess the structures,” said Taylor. “An estimator can arrive on site with detailed dimensions, a roof plan, and data about the materials used to build the home. It’s also an invaluable way to help make rebuilding easier and faster for victims of these tragic storms.”

Before and after images of the Moore tornado can be found at Xactware.com/Moore.

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