Xactware Announces New Solutions and Features at Fifth Annual User Conference

New solutions and services will help estimators increase efficiency, effectiveness

 — February 11, 2014 — 

Xactware today announced a barrage of innovative products and features for its suite of claims-handling solutions.

“The property insurance industry is at a crossroad with new technologies and tools that didn’t exist a few years ago,” said Jim Loveland, Xactware’s president and CEO. Less than a year after announcing new online and mobile versions of its flagship estimating solution, Loveland said more than 2.1 million estimates had been written by tens of thousands of online and mobile users.

Loveland announced a broad range of new Xactware solutions and features including the following:

  • Xactware Property InSightTM — With Property InSight, estimators receive detailed information about a home or commercial structure before they even visit the site. Property InSight data includes a native Xactimate 3-D sketch of the structure, all dimensions and measurements, the locations and sizes of exterior doors and windows, a set of high-quality aerial images, and  a range of information about building characteristics including roof material, wall finishes, decks, and so on.
  • Xactimate flood estimating — New Xactimate flood-estimating features automate and simplify many flood-estimating steps. The new features help avoid and catch potential errors, provide extensive photo management tools, make it easy to complete NFIP forms and create reports, includes access to a powerful valuation tool, and much more.
  • SketchCamTM — SketchCam is a powerful new Xactimate mobile feature that uses patent-pending technology to allow estimators to quickly dimension a room with the built-in camera on their smartphone or tablet.
  • XactAnalysis custom reporting — New custom reporting tools from XactAnalysis give users more control over how and when they see reports and allow companies to glean valuable information from their data. 
  • ContentsTrackTM —ContentsTrack is an innovative new solution for contractors who specialize in contents pack out and pack back. With ContentsTrack contractors can quickly record, categorize, and track personal property that needs to be stored, cleaned, or replaced after a property loss.
  • XactContents® mobile — Contents professionals can now collect personal property items on their smartphones or tablets and send the results to XactContents on the desktop or online. XactContents mobile will be available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Project management integration — Xactware announced a new initiative to integrate project management solutions with Xactimate. New agreements with Assured Software, ClientRunner, Next Gear Solutions, and Restoration Manager will provide Xactimate users with a range of project-management solutions to choose from.

All Xactware solutions and features announced at the conference are either scheduled for imminent release or are slated for release in 2014.