Xactware Publishes August 2014 Price List

 — August 1, 2014 — 

The August 2014 price list updates for more than 460 regions in the United States and Canada are now available for download.

A summary of price changes reported in this update is as follows (this percent change is based on the national averages that have been reported since the July 2014 price list publication and from August 2013 to August 2014):


July to August

August 2013 to August 2014






30-yr. Laminated Shingle Labor and Material





Roofing Material Composite 





Common Labor and Material





Common Lumber Material





Common Material Only





Retail Labor Rates





Pricing research for the August 2014 publication, when compared to July 2014, shows the Labor and Material report, which measures common material and labor used in claims and remodeling, increased slightly in the United States and Canada. The same is true of the 30-year Laminated Shingle Labor and Material report and the Retail Labor Rates report. The Common Lumber Material report, Roofing Material Composite report, and the Common Material Only report showed an increase in the United States and a decrease in Canada.

The information reported here is based on a national average, and it is important to note that actual changes will vary within each individual pricing market. It is also important to remember Xactware’s published pricing information is based on recently completed surveys and estimate transactions.

Changes to installation yields and time assumptions

As a reporter of market-specific pricing information, Xactware’s Pricing Data Services is constantly collecting, reviewing, and improving pricing data. We have initiated a year-long project to review the labor productivity assumptions for line items in each category. We will research and review both the installation yields and the time assumptions for the labor supporting events used to create each line item. As a result of this research, various labor yields and labor supporting event assumptions will be updated over the next year.

It is anticipated that these changes will not have a significant effect on the line item pricing. Part of the process may include adjustments in retail labor rates as we are comparing labor productivity, labor supporting events, and current line item pricing.

Green item definition adjustments

Extensive changes were made to the green item definitions. Xactware determines which line items in Xactware-published price lists are considered environmentally friendly or “green” by using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs; specifically, the Building Design and Construction (BD+C) program focuses on commercial construction while LEED for Homes program focuses on residential construction.

LEED recently upgraded the BD+C program to what is commonly called LEED v4. This update made extensive changes to the material section and rating requirements — including restrictions to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) threshold limits, to third-party testing and certification, and to other areas that tighten the rating requirement for building products.

Due to these changes in an industry standard, Xactware adjusted the existing green definitions and removed the definitions from line items that are no longer considered to be green.

The new definitions show most of the LEED program rating categories and are broken down into commercial and residential rating types. Single definitions, those not broken down into commercial and residential, pertain to both rating systems and include the same categories in both.

Local market conditions

Xactware makes every effort to ensure pricing information contained in this update represents market costs at the time of publication. Since actual market prices can vary and change rapidly, and since many factors can affect the cost of a project (including — but not limited to — labor, equipment, and material costs as well as the rates and application of sales tax), we strongly recommend customers monitor their local markets for any such changes and adjust their estimate pricing as deemed appropriate.

Gasoline prices in the U.S. and Canada

Since the July 2014 publication, gasoline prices have decreased 4.45 percent in the United States and 6.66 percent in Canada. When compared to August 2013, gasoline prices have decreased 2.93 percent in the United States and 0.68 percent in Canada. Because gasoline prices can change rapidly, Xactware recommends users monitor their local costs to determine whether repair or construction costs have been affected. For further details, see the U.S. Department of Energy website.


Comparative prices (national averages) for the last month are as follows:





June 30

July 28

June 24

July 29

Gasoline National Average





                                                                                                                                * Canada prices are per liter

Contents Update

Since the last price list update, the XactContents pricing team has continued to improve the master item list in both the United States and Canada.

They have added one new vendor, Jerico Products. Jerico provides Kirby and Rainbow vacuums to Xactware customers at discounted rates.


Total Vendors


 Canada Vendors


 General Quote Items


U.S. Master Item List Items


Canada Master Item List Items


Retired Items


Changes to the August price list

Customers can view specific changes to the price lists by logging on to the eService Center. XactAnalysis customers can see specific changes by viewing the Price List Changes report in the Industry Trend Reports section. This same report can be found in the Featured Highlights section of the eService Center.

Pricing feedback

Pricing feedback is one of the ways Xactware ensures that the cost information reported reflects actual market prices. Estimates written outside program work can return feedback by regularly running the feedback utility within Xactimate, XactRemodel, or XactPRM. To run the feedback utility:

  1. Click Services in the menu bar of the Control Center tab.
  2. Select Feedback and then click Yes.

This will process and package information from all estimates that have not previously been collected. Your feedback information will be sent to Xactware the next time you connect to XactAnalysis.

You can submit pricing feedback online or via email to Xactware’s pricing team at:

Downloading a price list in Xactimate

If you are a registered Xactimate user, you can download price lists in four steps:

  1. In Xactimate, Click Price List tab in the main dashboard,
  2. Click Request Price List(s) on the menu bar. 
  3. From the “Request Price List” window, enter the country, state or province, city, and profile for the price list you would like to download.
  4. After making your selections, click Download.
  5. A window will appear advising you the price lists have been downloaded and are now available for use in Xactimate. Click OK.