Xactware President Mike Fulton: “It’s a whole new atmosphere™”

 — February 9, 2016 — 

Today at its seventh annual user conference, Xactware president Mike Fulton introduced a “new atmosphere” of solutions and integrations with a strong focus on the Xactware user experience.

Mr. Fulton introduced the new atmosphere by noting the Xactware journey from software on a hard drive in 1986, to one of the world’s first cloud-based systems in 1995, to the new Xactware atmosphere introduced in his keynote.

Mr. Fulton described the Xactware atmosphere as, “Cloud-driven, multi-platform, and open to other solutions from Xactware, our sister companies, and integrated third-party software providers.”

Some of the key components of the Xactware atmosphere include the following:

  • A focus on the Xactware user’s experience that relentlessly chases even one second of time savings for the Xactware customer.
  • The Verisk Insurance Solutions business that joins Xactware with other leading P&C companies and solutions from Verisk to provide easier access to solutions and faster and more effective workflows.
  • Integrations with innovative third-party companies who offer unique solution sets for users.
  • Tools that help policyholders have a larger role in the claims process. Mr. Fulton said these solutions have been shown to improve customer satisfaction and reduce claim handling costs.

Mr. Fulton ended his keynote with data that shows the growing importance adjusters have in the financial health of the P&C insurance industry. He further noted that quality repair professionals are an essential ingredient to a claims cycle that provides excellent service and satisfied customers.

Xactware User Conference 2016 continues through February 11 and features two days of keynotes, break-out sessions, lab experiences, and much more on February 9-10, plus a bonus day of free training on February 11.

A wide range of key industry experts and leaders are presenting at this year’s conference. For more about the conference, please visit XactwareUserConference.com.