Implementing ContentsTrack throughout a Restoration Organization

Broadcasted On: 15 July 2015

Host: McCall Bradley
Featuring: Phil Johnson
Webcast Length (in minutes): 19:49

Manually inventorying and tracking contents items during the restoration process is strenuous, repetitive work. But ContentsTrack can help restorers save time and promote a more transparent and more easily accessible view into the journey of each inventoried item — from pack out to pack back.

In this webcast, Phil Johnson from Fairlane Furniture Restorers will discuss how his organization uses ContentsTrack to overcome many of its pack out challenges. Phil will also share the benefits of making ContentsTrack part of a contents restoration organization’s workflows.

After the webcast, we will answer questions that were submitted via email. If you have a question, send it to xactwebcast@xactware.com.

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