Xactware ID FAQs

Q. What is an Xactware ID?
A. Xactware ID is a set of login credentials that allow Xactware customers to access various products and applications using a single ID instead of using multiple login names and passwords.
Q. Where do I create an Xactware ID?
A. Xactware ID’s can be created at Xactware.com/ID.
Q. Can I change my password or Xactware ID information? 
A. Yes, Xactware ID account information can be changed by logging into the Xactware ID Management site Xactware.com/ID
Q. What are the password requirements?
A. The approved password MUST:
  1. Be at least eight characters long;
  2. Have at least one letter, upper or lower case;
  3. Have at least one number; and
  4. Not match your Xactware ID (either the desired Xactware ID when creating a new one or the existing Xactware ID when changing a password).
Q. Do passwords expire?
A. As rule and standard, no. Exceptions can be made on a per-company basis.
Q. Does the Xactware ID have to be an email address?
A. Yes. The connected email address can be changed as needed.
Q. I work for several carriers. Will I need multiple Xactware IDs?
A. Though not mandatory, multiple Xactware ID’s can be created to meet a carrier’s requirements. You can alter your Xactware ID as needed.
Q. Will Xactware ID be linked to existing Xactimate user ID login?
A. Yes. Once you create an Xactware ID, the user ID expires and the person’s Xactware ID is used from that moment forward to login.
Q. Some companies I work for require me to have a single XactNet address identified by location. How will that work once we move to an Xactware ID rather than a physical address?
A. XactNet addresses will continue to work as they do today for the foreseeable future. The process with specific carriers will not change.