A secure online management tool for receiving assignments.

XactAnalysis SP mobile Features

Manage and Update Assignments from the Field

XactAnalysis SP mobile web makes it possible to access, view, manage, and update claims assignments from the field.

Get the Details and Information Needed to Work the File

XactAnalysis SP mobile web platform puts XactAnalysis in users’ hands—including all the information from their XactAnalysis SP accounts, such as:

  • Detail summary and details
  • Client and policy information
  • Loss location navigation
  • Action items
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Sketches
  • Assignment statuses (e.g. workflow status, approval status, and XactAnalysis status)
  • Assignee information

Take, Manage, and Attach Pictures

XactAnalysis SP mobile web allows users to take, manage, and attach photos to estimates using the mobile device’s built-in camera.

See New Assignments Instantly

XactAnalysis SP mobile web keeps users connected 24/7. Users can see and access any new assignments or action items from their mobile devices.

Locate Claims and Insured Info

Tapping into the mobile device’s built-in GPS, the XactAnalysis SP mobile platform makes it possible to locate claims within a 30-mile radius, including driving directions and estimated travel time to a loss location.

Take Advantage of Anytime, Anywhere Access

The XactAnalysis SP mobile web platform allows access to assignment information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via any mobile device with an Internet browser.