Full Cycle Claims Management and Analytics for the Property Insurance Industry


XactAnalysis Features

The industry's first full-cycle and only patented electronic assignment network, XactAnalysis continues to set the pace in management reporting. Textual and graphical reports through XactAnalysis provide you with instant information about what is happening with your claims around the country. It's the kind of real-time information for decision support you need in an easy-to-read format.

The interactive capabilities of XactAnalysis allow you to drill down to any level of detail: state, county, zip code, or individual estimates. If you are still pouring over lengthy spreadsheets that are hard to navigate and that don't represent real-time data, it's time to make a change! Here are just a few of the things you'll be able to do with XactAnalysis:

Management Reports

  • Instantly view all of your claims nationwide on a geographic map, including pinpoints of actual property locations. Drill down to specific states, counties, zip codes, and even to individual estimates.
  • View accurate and detailed trending information for any time period in any area of your network. Identify scoping trends, training issues, quality analysis, and other indicators more easily than ever before.
  • Make head-to-head comparisons: staff, individual contractors, individual adjusters, specialty programs, adjusting organizations.
  • Compare yourself at any level to the rest of the industry—no other system processes as much data from as many different carriers as XactAnalysis, so no other industry comparison will be as accurate.
  • Tap into reports' interactive features by clicking on any area for details and explanations.
  • Use special tools setup for desk reviews and reinspection programs.
  • Setup personal rules to have XactAnalysis notify you if a specific measurement is met. It's your personal electronic auditing team backing you up and keeping you informed!

Whether you want to chart your workflows better, improve your re-inspection and QA programs, or if you just want to better see how your indemnity dollars are being spent, XactAnalysis reports will make your job easier.

XactAnalysis Insights

Simple to build, easy to understand business intelligence insights.

XactAnalysis Insights is an entirely self-service claims data reporting tool supported by an integrated artificial intelligence. No dev support required, Insights lets you search for key data points using everyday claims language and automatically learns and suggests your most commonly used reporting features.

Your searches, pinboards, and captured insights can be shared and followed, which makes it easy for team members to jump in and start building. To keep everyone up to date, you can schedule data to be shared on an automated, regular basis.

Industry Trend Reports

Access powerful Industry Trend Reports at the click of a mouse. Being the clear market leader for online property claims management puts Xactware in the unique position of providing essential reports that represent pricing trends for the entire industry. We can provide these reports because of the massive amounts of claims data sent through our systems. That means you can have historical trends at your fingertips for the components that most affect your claims.

The Industry Trend Reports will show you at a glance how prices have changed for key industry indicators such as lumber, drywall, and floor coverings over the past 10 quarters. You can track labor prices for individual trades, see how any pricing area compares to the rest of the country, or even compare what a small bathroom loss costs today versus last quarter or last year.

Both XactAnalysis and XactAnalysis for Service Providers (SP) users have access to these Industry Trend Reports, which are updated each quarter. Along with publishing these reports, qualified statisticians provide insight to these trends and identify the leading reasons for any increase or decrease.

You can view Industry Trend Reports for the entire country (USA or Canada) or drill down to a specific state, province or city. Some of the reports available include: composite reports for such items as carpet, drywall, lumber and roofing; retail labor reports; average estimate value reports; and basket of goods reports. You can also view newly added price list items and other quarterly enhancements made to our pricing database. When you are connected to XactAnalysis, you are connected to the entire industry!

Real-Time Claim Management

What if you could have a claim management team working for you around the clock?

That's exactly what you get with the real-time claim management capabilities XactAnalysis offers. Whether you want to view a single flooring item in a claim that was just uploaded, be instantly informed of any claim over $10,000 in a given region, or if you just want to have the system monitor trends and inform you if price deviations hit 5%, you have all that and more.

Real-time Tracking

  • Instantly view information about any file online while tracking each stage of the claims process
  • Monitor the approval process, view action items and instructions, or mark a file for follow up
  • Compare original estimates with corrected estimates
  • Review claims and report results in real time

Personal and Company Rules with Real-time Alerts

  • Establish personal or company rules that instantly alert you when pre-defined events occur
  • Set up rules to be on a per-claim basis or from regular monthly reports
  • Customize rules for a specific individual, specific types of claims, or even for specific trades within estimates

Real-time Quality Assurance and Review Tools

XactAnalysis offers you a state-of-the-art Review Queue, allowing automatic management of your QA and re-inspection workflows. You can assign and accept reviews electronically, and you'll end up with the best file documentation you've ever had. Your review teams will have everything they need for a desk audit at their fingertips: digital images, sketched floor plans, and detailed estimate reports.

Up-to-the-minute Graphical Reports

The reporting tools that started it all and changed the way the industry views claims management are stronger than ever!

Estimate Audits: electronic smart reviews that highlight potential scoping issues.

Proper scoping is essential to an accurate estimate. Although every property has the potential for special scoping circumstances, common scoping guidelines often apply to a wide variety of estimates. Xactimate assists both estimators and administrators by electronically auditing every file twice: in the field and in the network.

With Xactware's audit rules, estimators are informed of potential issues during the initial estimate—the earliest and most effective time to make changes. Electronic audits highlight items, giving the estimator the best overall picture of the claim. Network audits that run on each file also inform QA teams of any issues, allowing them to make the most of their review time.

Xactware's electronic audits help you quantify learning progress, reinforce consistency, and correct audit issues before the claim is closed!

XactAnalysis mobile web for use when you are on the go

Users who access the XactAnalysis site using a smartphone or tablet will automatically be directed to the XactAnalysis mobile web site which has been optimized for mobile devices.