Full Cycle Claims Management and Analytics for the Property Insurance Industry


XactAnalysis Insights

Discover, organize, and share deep AI-driven business insights through a self-service reporting platform

No more manually searching through torrents of claims data or relying on dev teams to aggregate and share insights.

XactAnalysis Insightsa powerful new add-on feature in XactAnalysis—uses AI and machine learning to help you search for and discover crucial data patterns you can use to enhance your business and react to the shifting market.

Easy-to-use tools for exploring BI data 

XactAnalysis Insights is an entirely self-service product. You won’t need to wait for development or analytics teams to build ad hoc reports that take days or weeks to finish. Its interactive dashboard lets you search and select information easily with a variety of parameters and metrics.

AI-driven business intelligence insights

Discover key data points you might not have thought to look for. XactAnalysis Insights is more than a reporting platform—by helping you search your organization’s data and watching for reporting patterns throughout the claims industry, XactAnalysis Insights will automatically notice and alert you to crucial data patterns you haven’t even looked for.

Faster data research. XactAnalysis Insights learns your most common data searches and automatically recommends them.

Work closely, present clearly

Your searches, pinboards, and captured insights can be shared and followed, which makes it easy for team members to jump in and review or start building their own reporting insights. To keep everyone up to date, you can schedule reports to be shared on an automated, regular basis.

Presentation mode: A better way to share. Presentation mode allows you to drill down into your pinboards in real-time, which makes information more digestible and meetings more collaborative. Essentially, you’ll be able to dive deep into data points as questions are asked without having to track down the information later.

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