Full Cycle Claims Management and Analytics for the Property Insurance Industry


Performance Scorecard

XactAnalysis Performance Scorecard gives supervisors a fast and easy way to monitor and manage performance by showing where company standards are being met as well as when they are in danger of not being met.

Performance Scorecard allows XactAnalysis users to:

  • Access data quickly
  • Generate custom ad hoc reports as needed, saving time and labor
  • Customize dashboards with new features including color charts and graphs, matrixes, and expanded categories
  • Define Scorecard settings to interpret and display pertinent data quickly
  • Monitor and benchmark company adjuster’s or contractor’s level of compliance  
  • Export data to PDF or Excel documents
  • Collaborate with the XactAnalysis team on how data is managed and displayed

Customers who wish to use Performance Scorecard should contact their XactAnalysis Administrator or Technical Account manager to have the Performance Scorecard feature flagged in their new or existing account.

There is no additional charge for Performance Scorecard.

Independent adjusters and contractors currently using XactAnalysis SP will have access to the Performance Scorecard only if an insurance company they are working for is using it. In this case, the insurance company provides the adjusters or contractors rights to the company’s Performance Scorecard, which allows them to see their company’s data in the insurance company’s Performance Scorecard.