XactContents Improve Your Contents Estimating


Contents Management Estimation System with XactContents

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XactContents helps contents claims adjusters and contents replacement service providers estimate personal property claims.

With millions of vendor-specific items, nearly 300,000 discontinued items, and over 8,000 general quote items, XactContents’ database is the best in the industry.

Product Replacement

Managing the personal property claim is not the only benefit to using XactContents. It provides direct access to major retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, from which replacement products can be directly ordered.

From within XactContents, users can search a weekly updated database of more than 15 million personal property items from our affiliate network partners. When connected to the web, direct searching of products through several other major retail Internet sources also becomes available.

Property replacement is as simple as clicking on the "purchase" link next to each item where orders are placed directly with each of these major retailers.

Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity

Contents claims adjusters and contents replacement service providers who use XactContents consistently report great savings in both time and operating costs. A top-20 insurance carrier recently reported that it has used the product to cut claims cycle times in half, reduce outside vendor costs by 97 percent, and increased productivity by 34 percent.

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XactContents allows you to:

  • systematically build personal property inventories
  • quickly research and accurately estimate personal property items, as well as get like-kind-and-quality suggestions for discontinued or obsolete items
  • order direct replacements through multiple Merchant Partners
  • automatically calculate Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV)
  • instantly divide and distribute claims
  • record, track, and manage all types of payments
  • create professional-looking reports