ClaimXperience Involve the Policyholder Improve the Process


Involve the policyholder. Improve the process.

Now claims representatives can truly collaborate with policyholders. Involving the policyholder more deeply in the claims process can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce claims-handling costs.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Policyholders today expect a high level of service that works around their schedule, not yours.

Policyholders who are closely involved in the claims process from start to finish are more likely to be more satisfied with the experience.

Plus, faster resolution means happier customers.

Reduce Claims-Handling Costs

Gain the advantage of “eyes-on-site”—right from the desk. ClaimXperience Video Collaboration helps you effectively triage the claim and assess the severity of damage. With greater accuracy, you can directly settle more claims, saving the cost of an on-site visit. And when an onsite visit is needed, you can send the right person the first time.

Find Custom Forms for Every Situation

Find, edit, or build exactly the form you need to handle every kind of claim you come across. Whether it's data collection, work authorization, or information verification, ClaimXperience makes it easier to create and handoff forms that match your business needs.

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How it works

Review. Document. Share. Keep your entire team synced up and working together from one digital workplace.

Video collaboration connects the adjuster with the insured who shares messages, photos, and videos. Contractors chime in with onsite developments. And the adjuster updates the claim status and answer any questions from the insured.

The insured's role

  • Share live video

  • Upload pictures and video clips of damage

  • Message agents with a mobile-friendly chat client

  • Indicate availability on the shared calendar

The adjuster's role

  • Triage damage from the desk and fast track claims resolution

  • Decide whether to settle, visit, or schedule repair work

  • Respond to insureds and communicate with the entire claims team

  • Coordinate claims team with insured calendar