Estimating Property Preservation and Repair

XactPRM brings many innovative and powerful features to the REO bid process, supporting everything from simple maintenance tasks to comprehensive building repair and restoration.  Professionals in all areas of REO workflows can gain a competitive advantage using XactPRM as the software utilizes Xactware’s professional experience and processes.  

Xactware’s database of current and localized repair and maintenance pricing data is collected continuously and is used to estimate more than 75% of all property insurance losses in the United States. This crucial data has been formatted and expanded specifically for the property preservation and repair market.

With XactPRM, it becomes easy to turn a property scope into a finished estimate, complete with photos and notes. For more complex repairs, XactPRM helps all skill levels develop a professional-looking estimate with precision and speed.


Unified Workflow

XactPRM can both coordinate and customize data across REO workflows, reducing unnecessary duplicate data entry and eliminating much of the inefficiency of having to re-interpret or re-enter data as it moves between workflow participants.

XactPRM also provides fine-tuned features such as built-in alerts that flag users when aggregate limits for properties or line items have been reached or the ability to deliver completed estimates electronically to mortgage owners or servicers for approval.


Time-Savings Features

With XactPRM’s many time-saving features, users can scope properties and complete bids up to 30 percent faster than other methods. Other time-savers include:

One-click entry

An easily searchable user interface helps users quickly identify and add the line-item components needed for a task. Visual, context-sensitive search helps users add an item by pointing to it on an illustration and clicking. Quantities based on dimensions are automatically calculated.

Streamlined estimate development

With Quick Estimate it takes a single mouse click to add a series of common tasks, repairs, or combinations of maintenance requirements.

Smart  & Intuitive Technology

XactPRM’s innovative technology allows users to intuitively create and manage estimates. As an estimator works, the system learns his or her preferences and changes to make the next estimate job even faster.

XactPRM Connect

XactPRM gives users the option to interface with XactPRM Connect where they can send and receive estimates and other information, connect to others in their workflow, receive timely alerts that help them manage their work, monitor industry trends, and much more. 

Estimate auditing

Upon a estimate's completion, XactPRM will run an audit to identify and alert users of potential errors.


Pricing Data Research

Xactware’s property repair and maintenance cost database is built specifically for the needs of the real-estate market.

The extensive database contains comprehensive line-item pricing for property repair and maintenance, such as lock replacement, dehumidification, lawn care, and much more. Each item contains detailed labor-and-material information.

Xactware’s pricing data is:



Used by a wide range of construction professionals, Xactware’s cost research is used as a primary resource to estimate billions of dollars of repair work each year.



Xactware’s experienced team of construction experts conducts independent research to make sure pricing data reflects the current market.


Xactware researches and reports pricing data for 37 pricing regions in Canada. Price lists can be sent with assignments based on postal code.


Companies can establish custom allowable reimbursement amounts for standard maintenance tasks.

Continuously Researched

Xactware updates costs monthly, using feedback from repair contractors and extensive surveys of material and labor suppliers.

Learn more about Xactware’s Pricing Data Services.