XactPRM Forms+

Get the Right Data, to the Right Person at the Right Time!

XactPRM Forms+ allows users to quickly create and customize inspection forms, accurately gather data from the field, and automatically create a repair cost estimate from the inspection details!

Get the Information You Need

Forms+ allows you to create and modify forms in one easy application, guaranteeing you get the information you need on every property, including repair cost data. With built in skip logic, inspectors only answer the necessary questions at each property saving them time and ensuring clients are happy with the results.  Forms+ includes data gathering attributes such as text boxes, photo requirements, multiple choice, and more; you’ll be able to create the reports you’ve always dreamed of receiving. 

Improve Consistency

By creating your own inspection forms, you can enjoy consistent, quality inspections every time, with no more missed data or second trips to the property.

Reduce Inspection Times

Forms+ creates an easier, more efficient inspection process by employing intuitive logic that skips unnecessary questions and displays additional questions only when needed. This step-by-step application ensures that nothing is missed, and moves contractors through properties faster.

Create Estimates On-site

Streamline your workflow by using Forms+ automatic estimate-building features. As inspectors answer required questions, XactPRM’s powerful repair cost estimation tools work in the background to create a corresponding repair estimate. By creating these detailed estimates on site, Forms+ helps eliminate time wasted from multiple return trips, and shortens turnaround.

Why XactPRM Forms+?

  • Shorten turnaround times
  • Improve the consistency and quality of the inspections you receive
  • Create detailed cost estimates from the inspection form

Try XactPRM Forms+ today!

To get started, email formsplus@xactware.com.