Estimating software designed for professional remodelers.

Ordering to Estimating

Your Step-by-Step Checklist to get started with XactRemodel


The leading provider of computer software solutions designed for estimating all phases of building and repair
Estimating software designed for professionals in the remodeling and new construction industries
Web-based program used to send/receive/review estimates sent between assignment senders and service providers, adjusters, and contractors
XactNet Address
Like an email address but only for XactRemodel users and only useable within XactRemodel; provides the ability to communicate with other XactRemodel users for data transfer purposes
  1. Calendar
    Order a free 30-day demo of XactRemodel and participate in Free Overview Training. (+MORE)
    1. The demo will allow you to learn how to use XactRemodel. The demo does NOT include an accurate price list and includes a “demo” watermark on all printed pages.
    2. To install your XactRemodel demo, follow the instructions in the “Xactware.com Online Store Order Confirmation” email you will receive upon placing your order.
    3. Xactware offers many training resources, including classroom, virtual classroom, and a free online introductory training course. To learn more about XactRemodel’s training options and to sign up for Free Overview Training, visit the XactRemodel Training page.
    4. If technical issues occur while downloading, please call Xactware Support at 800-710-9228.
  2. People
    Determine the number of XactRemodel licenses you need. (+MORE)
    1. The price of XactRemodel is per license or per computer. For example, if you want XactRemodel on both your desktop and laptop computer, you will need two licenses. (2 x $599 = $1,198/yr. for 12 month subscription)
    2. If you have a network in your office with five workstations but will only need access to XactRemodel by three people simultaneously, then you will need three licenses. (3 x $599 = $1,797/yr. for 12 month subscription). The key here is how many users will be logging into XactRemodel at the same time.
  3. Arrows
    Convert your demo to a licensed version of XactRemodel either online or by calling Xactware Sales at 800-424-9228. Please have the demo product keycode ready. (+MORE)
    1. Your XactRemodel demo can be easily converted to a licensed version without uninstalling and reinstalling the software.
    2. Your 20-character product keycode can be found in the email that you were sent after you registered to download the demo or in the XactRemodel software by clicking Help on the menu bar, then About XactRemodel.
  4. Computer
    Register XactRemodel to get your XactNet address (+MORE)
    1. From within your demo, click on the Control Center tab.
    2. At the top of the screen, click on XactAnalysis, and then click on Register (or there may be an option that says Activate).
      Note: If you receive a message to contact sales, click OK and repeat this step.
    3. On the next page, select the option "I don't have an XactNet address and need a new one".
    4. Before registering with an XactNet address, the License Agreement must be accepted. Click the Agreement Link button to read the License Agreement, and then click Accept to proceed with the registration.
    5. All fields with the exception of “voice phone” and ”fax number” need to be filled prior to clicking OK. The XactNet address should be populated although you can edit it if you’d like. If it is not populated you may enter your own information using the format COMPANYNAME.CITY.STATE. The email address entered is important, as it will be tied to the new XactNet address and can be used to re-register with in the future without the need of contacting Xactware Technical Support.
    6. Assuming all necessary fields were filled out and the XactNet address entered was unique, after clicking OK to submit the online registration, a window will appear with the message "Registration was successful!"
    7. In the unlikely event that the XactNet address you entered is already registered to another user, a warning message will appear, informing you that you have selected an invalid XactNet address. If this occurs, enter a different XactNet address and click OK.
  5. Calendar
    Download a price list (+MORE)
    1. From the Price List tab, choose Download in the upper right menu bar and select Xactware.
    2. The Request Price List window will appear. Enter the country, state or province, and city for the price list you would like to download. (You can also choose to enter a ZIP Code or postal code to select a price list.)
    3. Click Download Now to download the price list.
    4. The XactAnalysis Connection window will appear. When the price list has downloaded, the status will change to Send/Receive Complete. Click Done.
    5. You will see a window appear that is processing the Price List, followed by a message saying "Operation Completed." Click OK, and the price list will now be in the Price List tab of XactRemodel, ready to use in estimates.

Congratulations, you’re ready to write estimates!