Xactware Training Overview

Classroom Training

Xactware's training department conducts training throughout the year at convenient locations across North America. Skilled presenters give students hands-on training for Xactware software with beginning to mastery courses. Students compile actual estimates and learn the tips and tricks that can make their estimating much faster than they have ever done it before.

Virtual Classroom Training

Attend a training session with an Xactware certified trainer without ever leaving your office. Xactware's online training allows you to ask questions, see instruction on your computer, and interact with the instructor and other students. Morning, afternoon, and evening courses are available.

Self-Paced Training

Xactware’s Online Training Center is an Interactive Learning Xperience® that gives you immediate access to nearly 70 hours of unlimited access to a wide variety of self-paced training courses and materials online. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a single, annual subscription fee. These courses, which are designed for both novice and advanced Xactware product users, combine video, animation, instructor narration, and more to offer you a wide range of convenient, self-contained courses. Courses range from Xactware Product Scenario Training to ILX Construction training.

Construction Basics

This video library takes common jobs like a window replacement, drywall installation, roof replacement, even paint projects, and breaks them into two categories: construction and software—aka, estimation. It’s intended for people who’ve never swung a hammer before but need to operate in that world, speaking with contractors, homeowners, and other claims agents, estimators, adjusters, and inspectors.


Whether you’re preparing for a class or looking to build your resource library, Xactware’s training workbooks have the information you need. Covering fundamentals to advanced skills, these workbooks will help you get the most out of your Xactware applications.

User Certification

Show your qualifications as one of the most proficient Xactimate users in the business by becoming a certified Xactimate user. Xactware's Certification Program has rigorous training and testing requirements in order to independently verify a user’s product knowledge and proficiency. Xactware currently offers three levels of user certification for Xactimate. Each level of certification increases in difficulty and is considered a prerequisite for the next level.