2015 Property Report for the United Kingdom

Widespread flooding displaced thousands of residents toward the end of 2015 and escape of water accounted for 51% of all claims. The wage hike from 2014 slowed after the first half of the year as well after a downturn in construction orders.

Xactware’s 2015 Property Report for the United Kingdom includes full details on these and other critical developments in the property sectors.

The 2015 Property Report covers these key areas:

  • Developments in the new construction, home improvement, and reconstruction sectors
  • The volume of claims sorted by peril type, regions, and quarter
  • Average labour rates for 16 trades, such as carpenters, electricians, and roofers
  • Hourly labour wages categorised by region and trade
  • Cost per tonne for raw metals, including copper and lead

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