XactContents Features

Xactware's elite contents estimating tool is available as a module that can be used inside the Xactimate estimating software providing the industry's fastest and most accurate way to estimate contents.

  • Quick Entry Tool
  • Integrated Internet Search
  • Import Existing Lists of Personal Property Items
  • Contents Reference Search

Quick Entry Tool

The XactContents Quick Entry tool allows for continuous adding of line items. You can also quickly add miscellaneous and contents general quote items (good, better, best). This Quick Entry interface increases your speed of entry by keeping the essential workflow tied to the keyboard. With Quick Entry you can enter items and search at the same time. XactContents can search in the background while you continue working.

Integrated Internet Search

The integrated web search allows you to search multiple sources at once, including the XactContents database, the contents general quote items, and Internet sources such as Amazon.com, Google, and many national retailers.

Import Existing Lists of Personal Property Items

Inventory lists can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet. This means the insured can fill out key information such as item make, model, description, age, estimated cost to replace, and so on. Using an inventory list provides an excellent way for a claim handler or surveyor to build the inventory quickly.

Contents Reference Search

Using our graphical search option, you can click on graphics for specific rooms in a home to find the items you need. After clicking the image, simply drill down and filter the list of results to the contents items you want added to your estimate.