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October 2012 Price List Updates Now Available

United Kingdom
 — 15 October 2012 — 

The October 2012 price list updates for the nine regional pricing databases in the United Kingdom and the two for the Republic of Ireland are now available for download.

As a provider of estimating and management solutions for the property insurance, refurbishment, and restoration industries, Xactware publishes quarterly price list updates to give insurers and contractors access to current local rates for thousands of building and reinstatement line items. Xactware gathers cost information contained in these schedules from live estimates as they are processed as well as from frequent surveys with labour and material suppliers.

Local market conditions

Xactware makes every effort to ensure pricing information contained in the most recent update represents market costs at the time of publication. Since actual market prices can vary and may change rapidly, and since many factors can affect the cost of a project (including — but not limited to — labour, plant, and material costs as well as the rates and application of VAT), we strongly recommend customers monitor their local markets for any such changes and adjust their estimate pricing as deemed appropriate.

Pricing feedback

Please report any price changes to Xactware as soon as possible. We will then adjust any information that can be independently verified for inclusion in future price list publications. Pricing feedback can be submitted from Xactimate and online at www.xactnet.com/feedback. You can also send emails directly to Xactware’s pricing team at:

Changes to the October price list

For the October 2012 price list publication, Xactware added new and improved reference search options and completed a major overhaul of all floor finishes and window categories to ensure line items meet specifications for the U.K. and Irish markets. The quarterly price list publications also include 308 new line items and 196 new components.

Customers can view specific changes to the price lists by logging on to the eService Centre. XactAnalysis customers can see specific changes by viewing the Price List Changes report in the Industry Trend Reports section. This same report can be found in the Featured Highlights section of the eService Centre.

Downloading a price list in Xactimate

You must be a registered Xactimate user to access price lists this way:

  • Select Services in the menu bar of the Control Centre tab. Select Request Price Lists from XactAnalysis, and then select Xactware Price List.
  • From the Request Price List window, enter the country, region, and city for the price list you would like to download.
  • After making your selections, select Download Now.
  • A window will appear advising you the price lists have been downloaded and are now available for use in Xactimate. Select OK.