Involve the policyholder.
Improve the process.

ClaimXperience provides insurers with important tools that help claims handlers work more effectively with policyholders. Involving customers more deeply in the claims process offers a range of benefits that can help improve satisfaction and reduce claims-handling costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Almost all policyholders have access to computers and most carry a sophisticated computer with them nearly everywhere they go: their smartphones. With the Internet access smartphones offer—along with specialised apps—policyholders can easily interact with their claims handler and exchange important information. Policyholders aren’t waiting or guessing what is happening with their claim. They are directly involved and part of the process. Insurers can offer their customers the opportunity to collaborate online, to use the camera on their smartphones to send photos and video of a loss site, and to exchange information.

Reduced Claims-Handling Costs

ClaimXperience works effectively for all types and sizes of losses. But for most insurers, the immediate benefits are found in smaller losses. These losses present an opportunity to build loyalty with outstanding customer service and to reduce claims-handling costs. The cost to send an adjuster to a small loss often rivals or exceeds the cost to settle the claim. Since the vast majority of claims are smaller, effectively handling small claims is crucial to controlling claims-handling costs. ClaimXperience offers huge claims-handling cost savings while at the same time offering the unprecedented ability to precisely determine the cost to repair the loss.

ClaimXperience Solutions


Policyholders use their smartphones to take photos, shoot video, make phone calls, text, send emails, and much more. ClaimXperience allows the policyholder and desk adjuster to use those familiar tools to exchange information in a wide range of formats.

Video Collaboration

With ClaimXperience video collaboration, claims processing can begin as early as the first notice of loss. Within minutes, the policyholder can receive an email, download the app, stream video of the loss to the desk adjuster, and receive an estimate and settlement payment. The process works effectively for property, contents, and auto adjusters as well as underwriters creating property valuations and liability adjusters assessing a claim.

ClaimXperience Video Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

New technology available in ClaimXperience provides policyholders with powerful collaboration tools, available 24/7, that also offer insurers full documentation and fraud prevention.