Xactware Training Overview

Classroom Training

Xactware's certified training professionals come to your location at your convenience to train your people. Skilled presenters give students hands-on training for Xactware software with beginning to advanced courses. Students compile actual estimates and learn the tips and tricks that can make their estimating much faster than they have ever done it before.

Virtual Classroom Training

Attend a training session with an Xactware professional without ever leaving your office. Xactware's online training allows you to ask questions, view instruction on your computer, and interact with the instructor and other students.

Self-Paced Training

Use Xactware's Online Training Centre to gain immediate and unlimited access to Xactware's self-paced training material for Xactimate online 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost*. This course, which is designed for both novice and advanced Xactimate users, combine video, animation, instructor narration, and more to offer you a convenient, self-contained course.