Xactware Celebrates 30 Years

Thank you for 30 Years

Xactware opened for business 30 years ago in 1986. Thanks to you, we’re still here. A lot has changed since then. In 1986, the best way to communicate from your computer was to print a report that you hand delivered, mailed, or faxed. Or maybe you could drop off a floppy disk—if the other person had the required hardware and software to read it.

Since then, much has changed. Together, we were one of the first to work on the cloud and have added mobile and online platforms. Information is available from almost anywhere and can be accessed from almost any device.

What’s new for the next 30 years?

A whole new atmosphere.™

Xactware solutions, tools from integrators, and tools from our sister companies are now coming together to form a seamless atmosphere of solutions.

The new atmosphere comes with a new look and a new integrated set of solutions and businesses.

The Verisk Insurance Solutions Story

Verisk Insurance Solutions offers a complete atmosphere of solutions for a wide range of professionals who work with property. Xactware is a Verisk Insurance Solutions business. The new Xactware logo includes the Verisk globe, an indication of our alignment with the wide range of solutions used by property insurance carriers and the businesses who support the important work of evaluating risk, handling claims, repair, replacement, and restoration.

Verisk Insurance Solutions provides customers in the property/casualty industry with risk assessment services and decision analytics for fraud prevention and identification, statistical and actuarial services, insurance coverages and policy programs, catastrophe and weather risk, predictive modeling, data management, compliance, building and repair estimation, claims estimation and management, cost data research, and more. 

Xactware and Verisk Insurance Solutions

Xactware’s focus remains the same. We will continue to invest heavily in research and development that provides advanced solutions that help customers estimate real property replacement and restoration costs, personal property replacement costs, property preservation costs, and more, as well as helping manage claims assignments and analytics and offering a variety of self-help solutions for insurance policyholders.

What’s new and coming in the atmosphere is more closely integrated solutions across all Verisk Insurance Solutions businesses, easier-to-use solutions, more effective support across solutions, accelerated research and development, faster implementation, and much more.

Verisk Insurance Solutions

Other Verisk Insurance Solutions businesses include ISO, Verisk Analytics’ original founding company, as well as Verisk’s underwriting, commercial property, and claims divisions.

In short, Verisk Insurance Solutions is a cohesive and integrated organization that aligns these various insurance-related businesses into one.

This tightly aligned organization is uniquely positioned to more effectively, more easily, and more efficiently serve insurance customers, property restoration contractors, and other property professionals. These various entities work collaboratively to provide customers the benefits of enhanced products and services for commercial and personal lines underwriting, actuarial and rating, claims, and construction cost estimating.

As one Verisk Insurance Solutions, we can offer more innovative solutions and customer-focused approaches using a wide variety of products and services from the Verisk Insurance Solutions portfolio.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the very best and most streamlined customer experience as we continue to work together with our customers to accomplish shared objectives. We look forward to continually strengthening our customer relationships and forging new ones—and achieving our common goals of accelerated innovation, excellence, and growth.

At Verisk, we’re guided by the principles of The Verisk Way: to serve, add value, and innovate. That means we’ll continue to serve our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We’ll strive to add even greater value by improving quality, productivity, and timeliness. And we’ll be even better positioned to innovate with insightful and increasingly sophisticated data and analytics that help our customers manage risk and make informed decisions.

Verisk Analytics

Verisk Insurance Solutions is a Verisk Analytics business. Verisk Analytics is a leading source of information about risk to professionals in many fields serving a variety of vertical markets. Our mission is to help risk-bearing businesses understand and manage that risk. Verisk Analytics is a member of the S&P 500, one of the most significant equity benchmarks of stock market performance and a milestone that represents excellence and market leadership. Verisk was also recently recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s most innovative companies.