Xactware Unveils New Version of XactPRM

Faster, easier, and more precise estimating for the maintenance and repair of foreclosed properties

 — Thursday, June 13, 2013 — 

Xactware has released the latest version of XactPRMTM, a cloud-based application that makes estimating and managing property preservation and repair costs faster, easier, and more precise.

The innovative repair cost estimator provides asset owners, mortgage servicers, independent contractors, and service providers with a highly visual, intuitive tool that makes bid creation, bid approval, and bid analysis much faster while at the same time more precise.

For example, XactPRM allows users to create a bid using illustrations of a home. The user clicks the lawn to see and add lawn mowing costs or clicks the swimming pool to add pool cleaning to the bid.

XactPRM also includes cost research that gives estimators access to the latest pricing information but at the same time allows them to develop and maintain their own prices. As a user initiates bids and enters prices, XactPRM creates a tailored price list that the estimator can use on future bids. The application learns which items an estimator uses most often and makes them easier to find and faster to add to a bid. The more an estimator uses XactPRM, the more the system learns about the person and works to help make estimating more efficient. 

“The faster you can get an assignment, bid a job, and send it on for approval, the better,” said David Obert, Xactware’s assistant vice president of XactPRM. “With XactPRM, it takes just a few seconds to bid the cost to mow a lawn, remove trash, or hang drywall.”

XactPRM also provides substantial benefits for asset owners and field service companies by eliminating redundant entry of paper bids and by helping them assign, monitor, and approve bids efficiently.

“Managers can easily assign work, track response times, see bid results, view photos and notes, and analyze performance from a single online platform that can save significant time and substantially increase effectiveness,” said Obert.

To learn more about XactPRM, visit Xactware.com/xactprm.

About Xactware

Xactware specializes in technologies for the property insurance, remodeling, restoration, and mortgage and lending industries. Xactware’s tools provide claims estimating, contents replacement, claims management, and property maintenance solutions for desktop, mobile, and online platforms. Xactware’s services include repair cost research and reports, aerial imagery and data, and real-time business intelligence. Xactware has been providing cloud services for customers since 1995. Xactware is a member of the Verisk Insurance Solutions group at Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK). For more information about Xactware’s solutions, contact Xactware at 1-800-424-9228 or Xactware.com.

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