Xactware Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How is Xactware consulting different from account management?
A. Account managers service an account’s daily requests and provide high-level feedback. Consultants, on the other hand, have the industry expertise and ability to break down workflows, products, and processes at a granular level with clients. Consultation is a paid service that adds value by aligning customer products and services with the goal of increasing efficiencies and saving money.
Q. What is the required commitment?
A. There is no minimum consultation requirement and our initial conversation is free of charge. While some recommended solutions can be implemented quickly, others may take longer. As each situation is unique, we’ll craft a solution that fits your specific needs.
Q. What is the best approach to start a consultation?
A. An exploratory call will help us to understand what areas are in need of improvement for your organization. After the exploratory call we create a proposal to estimate the work to be executed and outline any expected costs. Web-based consultations will have a brief kickoff call to confirm success criteria and schedule the consultation. For a holistic approach to organizational improvement, we will kick off the consultation with an on-site meeting to narrow goals, define success criteria, and understand key performance indicators (KPIs).
Q. Why do consultants want to be included in our internal meetings?
A.  Our consultants need time to learn about your organization and goals so that any recommendations or proposed changes align with your overarching business objectives. They provide an objective and neutral opinion after observing your operation. We have seen better results when we gather information firsthand.
Q. Can you help me understand our current state?
A. Yes – our consultants will work alongside you to review current data and help compare it to your goals and industry trends.
Q. Will our information be disclosed?
A. Every consultation abides by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You have control over what is shared.
Q. Is consulting right for my business?
A. Consultants assist with more than training on Xactware products and services. Whether your needs include workflow review, increased user adoption, SME development, increased product knowledge, etc., our consultants will work directly with you to develop a plan for achieving consultation objectives.
Q. What do I need to prepare for?
A. We will work with your organization to determine top priorities for improvement and prepare you for any suggested implementation and change. You will need to provide access to sponsors and team members from a variety of job functions as we investigate the current state and develop recommendations for the future.
Q. How much time will the consultants need?
A. Consultations range anywhere from a few hours to days or multiple weeks, depending on the needs and success criteria. We make every effort to allow employees and departments to continue with their normal work as we document workflows and pain points. After the consultation has concluded we will schedule follow-up meetings at certain intervals to make sure that the organization is proceeding as outlined in the consultation plan.
Q. How much does consultation cost?
A.  Costs vary based on contractual agreements and the amount of time our consultants spend assisting your team. Our best practice is to include consulting time within a contractual agreement so the only additional costs would be for reasonable and necessary travel expenses.
Q. Do I need a contract with Xactware to partner with consulting?
A. Our consulting team can draft a statement of work on an “as needed” basis.
Q. Do you have best practices you can share?
A. Our team consists of consultants with knowledge of the insurance industry, process improvement, and change management certification. We will typically offer best practices in estimation, product use, and reporting.