Important Announcement Regarding the August Price List Update!

As of August 1, 2013 the transition to a labor minimums estimating model within all Xactware published price lists will be complete.

Xactware recommends that Base Service Charges not be used in estimates when using price lists published as of that date. To disable, set the Base Service Charges to “Do Not Apply.” Using Base Service Charges in conjunction with Xactware price lists published as of that date could result in estimate values being higher than may be needed.

While the unit prices are based on a minimum charge model, Xactware is leaving the Base Service Charge in place until September 1. The intent is to assist users who are familiar with using the Base Service Charge as a Minimum Charge, during this final transition.

Preferred Method for Estimating Minimum Charges

Xactimate version 28 as well as the next major release of Xactimate Express, XactScope, XactRemodel, and XactPRM will introduce Labor Minimums as a method of estimating minimum charges. Labor Minimums will replace the Base Service Charge approach, which has been part of Xactimate since 2002.

For more information about the change and how it will impact your estimates, please view the video message below from Mike Fulton, Xactware’s Vice President of Pricing Data Services. We also encourage you to read the white paper and to send us your questions, concerns, and feedback.

Please revisit this page often to keep up with the latest information available. You can also receive the latest information by subscribing to pricing email notifications.