Claims Estimating with Xactimate desktop

Xactware continues its tradition of innovative leadership with the desktop version of its number one property claims estimating solution. The client version of Xactimate allows field adjusters to use Xactimate even when an Internet connection is unreliable or not available.

Use Xactimate on a desktop or laptop

Xactimate works either on a desktop or laptop computer and promises stability for all your estimating needs. Assignments can be transferred easily between all three platforms of Xactimate version 28 – desktop, online, and mobile.

The desktop platform recognizes that while the cloud offers some powerful advantages, adjusters need to be able to operate under a variety of circumstances.


With Xactimate desktop you can:

  • Internet Connection Not Required

    Use the full version of Xactimate with or without an Internet connection

  • Enjoy Mobility in a CAT

    Enjoy mobility during a CAT situation when Internet availability is uncertain

  • Work at Home or in Your Car

    Take your laptop home or work out of your car as needed

  • Access to All Assignments

    Have access to all assignments wherever there is an Internet connection

  • Upload to XactAnalysis

    Upload to XactAnalysis, Xactware’s claims management tool, from the online, desktop or mobile platform