version 28


  • I’m very excited about the mobile aspects of [Xactimate version 28]. The cloud and the ability to use a smaller device in the field, which will make it easier to do your estimates immediately after you scope the insured’s loss."

    Mike Bolin
    Independent Adjuster

  • I really like the forward thinking of the cloud and where that’s going and the ability to have my guys out in the field off their pads and their phones instead of just going out with their cameras and their clipboards. I think where they’re going is really going to be changing the evolution of adjusting for claims."

    Kyle Winston
    CRU Adjusters

  • I am excited about Xactimate 28. One of the main positives is that it would be available to be able to be utilized from any of the devices — the mobile device, the iPad, the desktop computer — and not have to be loaded on to a particular computer. It makes it where you can work from anywhere, anytime so the accessibility would be a major plus."

    Glenn Smith
    CRU Adjusters

  • We’ll be able to use the iPad, the iPhone, and the Android device, and we’ll have access to our estimates no matter where we are. I think that’ll come in handy."

    Richard Faltz
    Champion Remodeling & Design

  • The more mobile we can become, so that we can help reduce cycle time, it helps. It’s great to see the droid stuff coming as well. It’s a little bit more affordable for some of the franchises so I think that that’s going to really help reduce cycle times and help us do business better."

    Stacey Brown
    Rainbow International

  • I’m looking forward to the online version. I want us to be able to have that available to us all the time. We can forget about the desktop version and go online, get our upgrades immediately. … That’s what we’re really looking forward to."

    Pamela Arms
    AAA Insurance

  • The online stuff is going to be great for us. We’re all tied to desktops and laptops so being able to share information, have information, collaboratively with all of our staff with the push of a button is probably one of the best things for us."

    Greg Harwell
    AAA Insurance

  • Phenomenal. Very intuitive. Exactly where it needs to be, I think. The concept of going from platform to platform is just truly inspiring and just taking it all to a new level."

    Ryan Barkdull
    NCA Group