version 28

Xactware Cloud FAQs

Q.  In the cloud environment, can companies or admins representing companies restrict access so that users can’t see all data?
A. No. However they can restrict access to the projects using options in Security Groups.
Q. Is there a limit to the amount of data that can be stored on the cloud?
A. Xactware currently limits the number of files that can be transferred at one time to five. However, there is no current limit to the total storage space available on the cloud.
Q. Are there minimum/maximum download speed recommendations for cloud?
A. The minimum requirement is a 3G or 4G uninterrupted data connection. Xactware recommends wireless connections that are broadcasted from hard lines or LTE.
Q. Is there a recycle bin for files stored on the Xactware Cloud? If data is deleted from the Xactware Cloud, can it be recovered?
A.  There is no recycle bin for the Xactware Cloud. A project is permanently gone once deleted from the cloud.
Q. Can price lists and macros be sent to the cloud?
A. Yes.
Q. When a customer moves a project from desktop to cloud, does it move out of the projects list?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it possible for multiple users to pull the same project to separate local project lists on different computers?
A. Yes. However, there is an option in user settings that can restrict this.
Q. Is there an option to merge if two people modify the same project?
A. Yes. The “merge project” feature is available by right-clicking on a project in the Projects tab.
Q. If someone breaks the lock to access an estimate, will the person in the field know that the lock has been broken?
A. Yes, but only when the project tries to re-sync with the cloud. At that point, they will receive the following message: “Project X checked out status has been reset.”
Q. If the desktop platform is not on the most updated version of Xactimate, can users send data to the cloud and use Xactimate online?
A.  Yes, but projects used in the online platform can’t be sent back to desktop. Xactimate doesn’t support backward compatibility.
Q. Is there an option to view all data in the cloud?
A. Yes, there is an option in the filter to show the current user or all users in the cloud.
Q. Our construction company heavily documents all losses through photos. In the case of contents pack out, we photograph most items in the loss. We combine that with the estimate, which means we have a lot of data. Are you going to allow unlimited storage as part of our subscription?
A. Yes. There is no current limit to the total storage space available on the cloud. However, you are limited to five files that can be transferred at one time.
Q. We keep around eight years of estimates on file. How will we transfer these to the cloud? Also, how long can we store past estimates? Will Xactware store my data on the online version even when I don’t have an active subscription?

The Xactimate cloud is currently built to store active estimates. It is not intended to be a long-term storage center. Estimates can be transferred to the cloud in groups of five by selecting the desired estimates and clicking the “Upload to Cloud” icon.

At this time there is no set limit to how many estimates you may store in the cloud, allowing you to transfer a reasonable number of estimates to it. However, we strongly recommend that you back up data locally.

Please note the following from the Xactimate user’s agreement: “Xactware will store completed estimates for the term of this Agreement, after which Xactware reserves the right to remove the estimate. Should you discontinue this Agreement and then begin a new Agreement at a later date, Xactware does not guarantee that the original data will remain and/or be available on Xactware’s system. Additional fees to reconnect historical data to a new subscription Agreement may apply.”