Xactimate Desktop


Powerful Claims Estimating with Xactimate desktop

Xactimate desktop is the most efficient and most user-friendly version of our flagship product yet. New EstimatingTech advances streamline estimating tasks, increases collaboration, and power data sharing across devices.

View what's new in this version of Xactimate desktop.

With the latest version, Xactimate desktop takes your estimating up a notch

  • Expedited and improved installation saves valuable time installing the software.
  • No installation keycodes needed. Your Xactware ID is now tied to your use of Xactimate desktop.
  • A powerful dashboard with improved search capabilities intelligently displays your estimates.
  • Automatically available software updates install at your convenience; it’s easy to keep the latest version at your fingertips.
  • Cloud syncing is automatic and seamless. Whenever you’re online, we’ll make sure you don’t lose any data and always have the latest information.
  • In-app notifications keep you up-to-date on the latest release notes and updates while keeping you connected with other team members.
  • Improved help documentation is integrated with the eService Center, online helps, and training.
  • Freedom to work with or without an internet connection.
  • Sketch and write estimates just as in version 28. 
  • Create faster, more comprehensive water mitigation, roof, and exterior estimates with fewer errors than ever before with XactScope.

Use Xactimate on a desktop or laptop

Xactimate works on both desktop and laptop computers and promises stability throughout every step of the estimating process. And because your assignments reside on the cloud, they can be transferred easily and be worked on from all three Xactimate platforms – desktop, online, and mobile.

Order Xactimate desktop as a stand-alone solution, or as part of the Xactimate Professional bundle

With Xactimate desktop you can:

  • Internet Connection Not Required

    Use the full version of Xactimate with or without an internet connection

  • Enjoy Mobility in a CAT

    Enjoy mobility during a CAT situation when internet availability is uncertain

  • Work at Home or in Your Car

    Take your laptop home, or work out of your car as needed

  • Access to All Assignments

    Have access to all assignments wherever there is an internet connection

  • Upload to XactAnalysis

    Upload to XactAnalysis, Xactware’s claims management tool, from the online, desktop or mobile platform

  • Upload to XactAnalysis

    Collaborate with the insured using video collaboration, integrated from Xactware's ClaimXperience.