Xactimate flood estimating FAQs

Q. What's different about the new flood-damage estimating features in Xactimate?
A. The new features and enhancements significantly streamline the process of sending and receiving flood assignments as well as estimating flood damage. From allowing estimators to sign all forms electronically to improving photo management to preventing errors to automatically applying policy limits, coverage, and depreciation, the new features make flood-damage estimating much faster and much less prone to error.
Q. Are the new tools specifically for estimating NFIP flood losses in the United States?
A. Yes. The new tools were designed for the unique requirements of the NFIP in the United States. Xactimate has a wide range of additional estimating tools that support flood-loss estimating in other countries. 
Q. Is there an additional cost for the new flood-damage estimating features?
A. No. Flood-damage estimating is included with all Xactimate desktop and online subscriptions. If on a desktop, you must be running an up-to-date version of Xactimate that includes the features. 
Q. Do I need to have the Xactimate flood-damage estimating module enabled on my Xactimate keycode to use it?  
A. Yes. The Xactimate flood-damage estimating module defaults to enabled for all existing Xactimate subscribers. Companies can choose to disable the module if they wish. If you aren’t able to access the new flood-damage estimating features in a current version of Xactimate, check with your supervisor to see if the feature is available for your company. 
Q. How can I access the new Xactimate flood-damage estimating features?
A. Flood-damage estimating is available with an Xactimate desktop, Xactimate online or Xactimate Pro subscription. Current users can access the features by upgrading to the most recent version of Xactimate desktop or by logging into Xactimate online. 
Q. How can I get a demo of Xactimate’s flood-damage estimating features? 
A. A free 30-day trial of Xactimate is available at the Xactware Online Store.
Q. How do I access Xactimate flood-damage estimating features from within Xactimate?
A. Choose the flood-loss project type when you create an estimate, open a previous flood project, or open a flood-loss assignment. You’ll have access to all the related claim info, the flood-damage estimating features in Xactimate, the flood claim reports, and more. 
Q. Where can I get technical support for Xactimate flood estimating? 
A. All Xactimate support, including for flood-damage estimating, is available through the Xactware eService Center to existing customers 24/7/363 days a year (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). Phone support is also available for a $20 per case fee by calling Xactware at 1-800-710-9228 between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Mountain Time Monday through Friday.
Q. Does Xactware offer any training on the new Xactimate flood estimating features?
A. Yes. To view a list of available Xactimate and Xactimate flood estimating-related training options, please visit Xactware’s Virtual Classroom Training page.