Xactimate mobile FAQs

Q. Can I use Xactimate mobile independent of Xactimate online or desktop?
A. Yes.
Q. What subscription do I need if I want to use Xactimate mobile and desktop?
A. You need a subscription to Xactimate Professional, which gives you access to all three platforms: online, mobile, and desktop. If you prefer to use only one platform, you can purchase Xactimate single-platform and choose the platform you prefer.
Q. Can I log in to the online and mobile platforms concurrently using the same Xactware ID? 
A. No, the same Xactware ID cannot be used to log in to multiple platforms at one time, as stated in the Xactware user agreement. If needed, you can purchase additional user licenses by contacting Xactware Sales at 800-424-9228. 
Q. Can I log in to Xactimate mobile once and stay disconnected for future use?
A.  Yes, users must have a connection to log in for the first time. After that, users can continue to work without an internet connection. Without an internet connection, users can’t access anything that requires a data connection (e.g. cloud list and new assignments).
Q. Can I edit price lists in the mobile platform?
A. No. You must have the desktop version to edit price lists.
Q. What happens to local data if someone with a different Xactware ID logs in to Xactimate mobile on my device?
A. For security reasons, local data is cleared from the local projects list. The second user will receive a message warning that this will happen before they log in.
Q. What happens when I have downloaded a project to my local projects list and a colleague tries to do the same on a separate device/platform?
A. The colleague would not be able to download that project until you upload it back to the Xactware Cloud. Once a project is downloaded locally to a mobile device or desktop platform, the status for that project changes to “Checked Out.” This means it is locked to other users until the project is uploaded back to the cloud or the lock is manually broken by a SUPER user in Xactimate online.
Q. When a user completes an assignment that was reassigned from a different XactNet address, currently it returns the assignment back to the original owner. What will happen in online/mobile?
A. It will be returned directly to XactAnalysis.
Q. If Xactimate mobile continuously saves data when connected, what does it do when it’s not connected?
A. The project gets put into a pending status, and it will finish updating/uploading to the Xactware Cloud once connectivity returns (e.g. In Progress – Update Pending).
Q. Can you create macros within the app?
A. Not yet, but they can be created in Xactimate online.
Q. Is there a way to pull images out of a project manually to fix it?
A. This feature is not available for security reasons.
Q. Is there an option to change profiles within Xactimate? Or can this be done at the login screen only?
A. Yes, profiles can be changed by going to the filter and selecting Profiles. Anything you check in the filter will automatically get synced to Xactimate.
Q. Can the profile of an estimate be changed if written in the wrong profile?
A.  Not in Xactimate mobile, but a user could send the estimate to the online or desktop platform and change it there. 
Q. If you delete a project list from the cloud project list, is it gone forever?
A.  Yes, when a project is deleted from the projects list in the cloud it is unrecoverable.
Q.  What happens if an assignment is rejected from a mobile device? 
A.  The same thing that happens when an assignment is rejected in Xactimate’s online or desktop platform. You will be prompted to enter a reason for the rejection, the assignment will be removed from New Assignments, and its status will get updated to “rejected” in XactAnalysis.
Q.   When rejecting an assignment in mobile, is it still a requirement to give a reason?
A. Yes. 
Q.  We would like to use the new Windows tablet. Is this an approved device?
A. Not for Xactimate mobile, since there is no app for Xactimate mobile for Windows. However, you can use Xactimate desktop or online platforms on the tablet, as long as it meets the system requirements for those platforms.
Q.  What subscription do I need if I want to use SketchCam with Xactimate mobile?
A. You need a subscription to Xactimate Professional.