Easier measuring with Xactimate Sketch AR

Xactimate Sketch AR™ frees you up to make direct-to-Sketch measurements from your mobile device and adjust on the fly. Only available with an Xactimate professional or mobile license.

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Sketch AR + Lidar

Lidar mode takes Sketch AR one step further. With a lidar-enabled Apple device*, you're now able to sketch with greater ease and precision. Just point and tap on each wall to quickly sketch the room, and add doors and halls in seconds.

*Currently available on the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPad Pro 2020.


How accurate is Sketch AR and Sketch AR with Lidar?
You'll see high levels of precision when following the in-app instructions. Keep in mind that the device you're using, the sensors, our software, and the human element are all contributing factors in outputting an accurate measurement.

Do you plan to expand Sketch AR with Lidar to additional devices?
We plan on supporting other devices in the future. While Sketch AR is available on many iOS devices, Sketch AR with Lidar is only available on new iOS devices, specifically iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, and 2020 iPad Pro. As other devices launch with Lidar or similar technology, we'll evaluate and support them where appropriate.