Measure and create floor plans with your phone or tablet

InsureTech for supported iPhones or iPads

Xactimate professional users can now integrate with the new SketchCam app to measure walls and create floor plans in Sketch. The cutting-edge floor plan dimensioning technology allows you to move from wall to wall, just as you would with a tape measure. But with SketchCam there is no need to write down dimensions or re-enter them in Xactimate. Once you are done measuring walls, you are also done creating a room in Sketch.

With SketchCam you can:

  • iPad-iPhone

    Quickly measure rooms using your iPad or iPhone.

  • iPad Ruler

    Measure each wall just as you would with a tape measure.

  • Room Floor Plan

    Automatically create a floor plan as you dimension.

  • No pencil

    Eliminate the extra steps of writing dimensions down and then entering them into Xactimate later.

  • Floor Plan Sketch

    Add your floor plan directly into Sketch.

  • Room Measurements

    Modify and adjust your floor plan inside Sketch as needed.

  • Calibrate

    Calibrate the software to most effectively work with your device.