Xactimate online FAQs

Q. Can I use Xactimate online and desktop?
A. Yes, with a subscription to Xactimate Professional, you get access to all three platforms: online, mobile, and desktop. If you purchase only one platform a la carte, you do not have access to the others.
Q. Can customers use the online platform of Xactimate on a Mac?
A. Xactware supports Xactimate online using the Internet Explorer browser with Silverlight.
Q. What if an insurance carrier that I work for isn’t on the most up-to-date version of Xactimate? Can I still use Xactimate online and mobile? 
A. No. If you are working with an insurance carrier who is not using the latest version of Xactimate, you will need to use the equivalent desktop platform.
Q. Which web browser do we support for the online platform?
A.  View our system requirements web page for more details.
Q. Can I edit price lists in the online platform?
A. No. You must have the desktop version to edit price lists.
Q. Can I get a demo of Xactimate online?
A. Yes. Demos are available by contacting Xactware Sales at 800-424-9228.
Q. What is an instance?
A. An instance is a virtual installation of Xactimate. Instances can be compared to network installations of Xactimate but in an online environment.
Q. How many user licenses do I need to pay for if I have seven employees who need to access Xactimate?
A. Xactware sells licenses per user. Since each user has his or her own unique Xactware ID, you would need to purchase seven user licenses—one for each employee.
Q. What if an employee stops working for my company? How can I prevent them from accessing our Xactimate online account?
A. Administrators have the ability to delete Xactware IDs from their account. Once deleted, the former employee would not be able to log in and see your data. Also, once an employee is deleted, the admin can add a new employee to the instance or call Xactware to reduce the total number of user licenses for which you are paying.
Q. Does an instance have one XactNet address?
A.  Yes, and users of that instance have user@[InstanceXactNetAddress]. Unless it is limited by security groups within Xactimate, users will have the ability to view all assignments on an instance. This is similar to how network installs work.
Q. When a project is checked out, can users see who has checked out the project? 
A. No. It will only show a status of “Checked Out.”
Q. Can users of instances be restricted from viewing all the projects on the instance?
A. Currently users can see the projects list but cannot open the projects.
Q. If a user is part of many instances and receives an assignment from XactAnalysis, how do I know which instance to connect to when I try to upload the project back to the cloud?
A.  You would have to log in to Xactimate in the instance from which the estimate was worked on. 
Q. Can assignments be sent to individual users in an instance?
A.  Yes.
Q.  Can I switch between platforms with a standard Xactimate license?
A.  Yes. If you decide that one platform works better for your workflow than another platform, you may switch as often as is reasonable.