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See at a glance how prices have changed for key industry indicators.

Industry Trend Reports

Xactware Industry Trend Reports

Being the clear market leader for online property claims management puts Xactware in the unique position of providing essential reports that represent pricing trends for the entire industry.

The Industry Trend Reports will show you at a glance how prices have changed for key industry indicators such as lumber, drywall, and floor coverings over the past 5 years. You can track labor prices for individual trades, see how any pricing area compares to the rest of the country, or even compare what a small bathroom loss costs today versus last quarter or last year.

Along with publishing these reports, qualified statisticians provide insight to these trends and identify the leading reasons for any increase or decrease.

You can view Industry Trend Reports for the entire country (US or Canada) or drilldown to a specific state, province or city.

When you are connected to Xactware's Industry Trend Reports, you are connected to the entire industry!

Each of the following report packages includes the following:

  • Online access
  • 12-month subscription, updated monthly
  • Data for all US states and Canadian provinces
  • Access to historical reports for any report(s) you purchase
  • Analysis for reported trends
  • Drill-down functionality