A secure online management tool for receiving assignments.

XactAnalysis SP Assignment Sending and Tracking

XactAnalysis for Service Providers (SP) users have the ability to send assignments to any Xactimate customer with a registered XactNet address, not just those listed under their company. Contractors can even break down the assignments by trade, allowing for greater flexibility and more options.

With XactAnalysis SP, you can track and analyze all your assignments from a single dashboard. This can significantly reduce management time, prevent costly mistakes, and help you focus on areas that directly impact your bottom line.

You can also create and track assignments for multiple offices. Service providers can manage multiple offices, divisions, or franchises while still accessing data across the entire enterprise.


  • Choose how and when you want to be notified of assignments on a per-sender basis, and change them as often as you like
  • Use a phone to receive and accept assignments
  • Verify that your email, fax, pager, or phone notices are working via test notifications

Action Items

  • Create action items to be reminded during various parts of the assignment phase
  • Use standard workflow action items or enter your own
  • Choose who will perform the action item and when you want to be notified

Completed and Uploaded Assignments

  • Once the assigned estimator has uploaded the completed file, you'll have full online access to line items, photos, sketches, and reports
  • It's an instant, online backup copy of all of your estimates
  • No special software is required to send and view assignments—all you need is an Internet connection

Exact Location

  • Latitude and longitude coordinates are listed for each assignment along with a visual map
  • Estimators can import data into mapping software like Microsoft® Streets and Trips or DeLorme Street Atlas USA®

XactAnalysis SP is already included with your assignment costs, so there's no additional charge to use it. You can register here to get a login ID setup for your company right away!