A secure online management tool for receiving assignments.

XactAnalysis SP Features

You wouldn't drive your car without a dashboard, and you don't have to manage your assignments without one either. With XactAnalysis SP, you have instant dashboards to let you see what is "driving" your business.

Activity Reports

  • Summary of assignment activity, aging, and estimate corrections
  • Average response times for your company
  • Review any assignment online, including specifics like scope details, photos, and sketches (2D or 3D)

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Monitor your company's overall consumer satisfaction
  • Read customer comments
  • Send surveys to any of your clients

Secure Your Data

Losing critical electronic assignment files and work products would be devastating for most service providers. With XactAnalysis SP, contractors and service providers have the added confidence of knowing their data is secure. Uploaded assignments are stored on Xactware's secure servers, acting as a backup in the event your system ever fails or data is lost.

Estimate Audit Tool

XactAnalysis SP helps you identify potential estimate scoping errors based on a set of rules designed to seek out estimating overlap and other common estimating problems. This inspection audit process allows you to correct audit issues before the estimate is completed and sent. The same audit capability is available to anyone who uses Xactimate.

Retail Labor Rate Calculator

The Retail Labor Rate represents the most important aspect in calculating the prices you charge for your services. Using the Retail Labor Rate calculator, you can calculate your own Retail Labor Rate or submit pricing feedback for your area.

XactAnalysis Billing Report

View XactAnalysis billing statement details for any month and keep your records up to date.

XactAnalysis SP is already included with your assignment costs, so there's no additional charge to use it.